The Federal State-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Education "Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation" is one of the oldest Russian higher education institutions where financial experts, financial law experts, economists, IT experts, mathematicians, sociologists, and political scientists are trained.

The University has come a long way. It has evolved from an institute and a finance and banking specialist training academy into a major research and education center. Today it incorporates 14 faculties based in Moscow and 6 faculties based in the University Branches, 60 teaching departments, 3 further education departments, 10 collaborative provision departments formed in cooperation with the employers and 86 departments based in the University Branches, 10 institutes, including the Institute of Correspondence Studies and Open Education, Institute for Development Projects, Institute of Short-Term Programs, 4 Institutes offering further education programs, 3 research institutes, 3 higher schools, 4 research and educational centers, 2 educational research laboratories and 2 educational laboratories and 2 colleges. There are 29 University Branches (incl. 14 Branches that offer higher education programs, 4 Branches that offer higher education programs and post-secondary training programs, and 11 Branches that offer post-secondary training programs).

The Financial University is one of the leading Russian higher education institutions. It has on offer 12 bachelor degree programs with 28 concentrations; 11 master degree programs with more than 50 concentrations; 9 post-secondary training programs, 10 МВА programs and 108 advanced training and professional development programs.

The competition for the student places at the University is fairly fierce as the University ensures the high-quality provision and the University graduates have good employment prospects and career development opportunities after graduation.

The Financial University has implemented and is improving the training scheme based on the availability of various learning paths in and modes of continuous education. The system includes post-secondary training programs, as well as bachelor, master and specialist degree programs.

The quality of provision offered by the University is widely recognized and is due to the highly qualified teaching staff employed. As at 1 January 2016, there are 1,545 teaching staff members who are based in Moscow, including 1,214 holders of academic degrees. The number includes 340 Doctors of Sciences and 874 holders of Ph.D. degrees. There are 815 teaching staff members who have academic titles (incl. 237 Professors, 560 Associate Professors, and 18 Senior Research Fellows).

New Learning Technologies

The University has started introducing such ‘Bologna Process-induced’ learning modes and methods into the learning process as module-based curricula models (that should replace linear curricula models), mobile learning groups, and a tutoring system. The visiting professors and experts offer their lectures (incl. the lectures in English given by the professors from overseas universities). The student ranking system has been improved. New teaching techniques are used (case studies, business games, and role playing-based strategies, problem-solving tasks, etc.); e-books and teaching aids, CDs, multimedia technology-based programs (training firms (a program in accounting, a program in insurance)) are used, e-libraries are formed at various departments, a virtual laboratory at the Department of Financial Management is operational; computer testing technologies are used for testing.

The ict-based system is used in distance learning mode when training students of advanced training programs.

The admission campaign for the foreign students for 2018/2019 academic year has started!

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Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

The International Finance Faculty (M.F.F.) provides training for bachelors and masters in the field of preparation "Economics". Upon completion of the training, students ... [+]

The International Finance Faculty (M.F.F.) provides training for bachelors and masters in the field of preparation "Economics". Upon completion of the training, students receive a diploma of the state standard of the Finance University under the Government of the Russian Federation, and also have the opportunity to obtain a diploma from one of the prestigious Western partner universities.

IFP prepares students of the faculty for professional work in the financial and economic divisions of organizations of various industries and forms of ownership, in state bodies in posts requiring basic higher economic education. The graduate of the faculty will be able to carry out analytical, organizational (administrative) and educational (teaching) activities in the following areas of the economy: functioning markets, financial and information flows, production and research processes carried out at enterprises (firms) of any form of ownership, in educational, research and other organizations, as well as within the government.... [-]

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Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

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