Design at the School of Form

School of Form offers a 3.5-year full-time Design course, after which students obtain a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS). Each year consists of 30 weeks, divided into 2 semesters – winter and summer. Most of the classes are conducted in a form of thematic modules, which can last a day, a week or even up to 2 months.

School of Form has:

  • Poland’s best study programme according to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education;
  • an excellent and renowned team of lecturers;
  • modern and well-equipped workshops and studios;
  • a superb cooperative relationship with many Polish and international companies.

The unique study programme combines project work and an education in the humanities which has been developed by our team of experts led Lidewij Edelkoort, chairwoman of the Design Academy in Eindhoven (1999-2008), strategic director and mentor of School of Form.

School of Form is open to everyone ‒ tinkerers, analysts, computer programmers, people with a love for DIY ‒ and will help you develop, add to, improve and utilise your skills and interests.

If you wish to influence changes in the world, to improve people’s quality of life, and understand and satisfy the needs of today’s society, the School of Form is for you.

What happens after you finish studying?

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education decided to add the ‘Design’ programme to the list of ‘wanted’ study programmes. It felt the Polish economy would benefit from a greater number of better-qualified designers.

After completing your degree at School of Form, you will join a select group of sought-after specialists who are well-prepared for a career in design, in the broadest sense of the word, as well as its related fields, depending on your area of specialisation.

Students of School of Form are taught and prepared to work both alone and in design teams, helping you find your own path in the world of design.

Programs taught in:
  • English (US)
  • Polish

This school also offers:


School of Form at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities - SWPS

If you wish to make a difference in this world, to improve people’s quality of life, to understand and satisfy the needs of today’s society, the School of Form is for you ... [+]

The School of Form offers 4 areas of specialization: Industrial Design, Communication Design, Fashion Design Domestic Design.

The classes are conducted in various forms within the following frameworks:

theoretical workshop – the classes relate to specific areas of the humanities: theory of design, art history, and culture. The aim of the course is to introduce basic concepts and groups of themes, which will then be developed during the workshops design studio - classes aimed at developing and improving the practical skills associated with a particular discipline of design. The classes are taught by practicing designers integrated studio - classes are taught by two lecturers - a specialist in the field of humanities and a practicing designer. The classes are thematically inspired by humanistic knowledge, which is translated into the practical implementation of design issues workshops/studios - classes conducted in specialist, thematic workshops, moderated by practitioners, but also available after classes in case you need to complete any project supporting activities - foreign languages, physical education Industrial Design ... [-]
Poland Poznań
October 2020
English (US)
3 - 4 years
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