Accra Institute Of Technology


Our Cradle Of Excellence Mission

Our mission is to become a cradle of excellence in education, training and research through providing leadership in the educational and the technological world by carefully selecting students of character, integrity, determination, and motivation, and choosing individuals of outstanding character, commitment, ability, and vision to serve as trustees, officers and faculty. We by this mission are committed to pursuing those areas of teaching, training, research, and scholarship that would most help to develop the individual and promote knowledge, excellence, and industry in the service to humanity. In line with our mission, AIT values integrity, collaboration, efficiency, innovation, and inclusiveness in all that it does and seeks to promote and support excellence in education for its students, faculty, departments, and the university as a whole. AIT, in the pursuance of its "cradle of excellence mission", prides itself on its motto: service to humanity, leadership, and success in scholarship.

Vision Statement

AIT will be a first-class student-focused institution of higher learning, professional training, and research striving for excellence in teaching, scholarship, research and service. It will provide its students, faculty, and staff a challenging and rewarding academic experience and supportive working and learning environment that brings out of them their individual best. AIT will seek to attract and develop outstanding students and will be recognized as a leader in preparing top-class articulate, innovative, confident, self-assured and professionally skilled graduates that can without doubt successfully compete on the international job market and make their mark in their chosen career. AIT will be a cutting-edge R&D and research-intensive institution and will attract, recruit and retain the best faculty, research staff, and students whose research work can enhance teaching and learn at the university and contribute fundamentally to the advancement of society at large. AIT will be responsive to technological advances, changing trends in society and the economy in pursuance of its cradle of excellence mission and will in all its endeavors live up to its motto: service to humanity, leadership, and success in scholarship.

Our Goals

AIT is committed to educating and training of tomorrow's global leaders in all disciplines and fields through innovation in its teaching and research. Our highest obligation as a university is to prepare our students who will live most of their lives in the 21st Century, a century that will no doubt provide our graduates with significant new challenges and opportunities.The expectations are that during their working years, the majority of our graduates will change not just jobs, but professions several times, requiring adaptability to changing circumstances. They will in all certainty need extraordinary skills to understand the exponential increase of information over their lifetime. They will need the ability to function effectively in a global context and will also need to confront the opportunities and the risks associated with expanding technological advancement and capacity. As part of its commitment to making a difference in pursuance of its vision, AIT commits itself to: 1. Offering academically rigorous programs that meet the requirements of industry and commerce for well-trained and professionally skilled personnel. 2. Promoting academic excellence through sound decision making and bold actions that are forward-looking, imaginative, and responsive to advances in technology, the sciences, society and the economy at large. 3. Aspiring to become a first-class student-centered academic institution, where support for the student's personal and academic development is embedded into the ethos of the university 4. Attracting excellent and hardworking students and providing them with academically challenging, modern and conducive learning environment, supported by able and enthusiastic faculty and staff that will encourage and empower the students to work towards their fullest intellectual capabilities. 5. Promoting and enhancing the self-development of its students so that they will become informed and effective in all of their subsequent educational and career pursuits. 6. Offering its students a sound foundation for personal and academic development and civic success to ensure that they develop their intellectual skills to the highest possible level and are well prepared to excel in their chosen profession At AIT, our students are taught to succeed by mastering the act of being:

  • * god-fearing, honest and trustworthy
  • * disciplined and determined
  • * responsible and reliable
  • * calm, thoughtful, patient and confident
  • * gentle, loyal and proud
  • * humble and reverent
  • * tough, self-reliant, persistent and hard-working
  • * organized, neat and poised
  • * inquisitive and teachable
  • * healthy and smart
  • * Vibrant and enthusiastic
  • * kind, friendly, helpful and generous
  • * brave, daring and risk-taking
  • * moral and ethical in all their dealings with friends and foes

AIT Accreditations

The Accra Institute of Technology (AIT) is an independent technology-focused university accredited by the National Accreditation Board (NAB) of Ghana. AIT is affiliated to the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). AIT is affiliated to the Open University of Malaysia (OUM).



Accra Institute of Technology (AIT)
University Tower Seaview Campus, Weija.

233 Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana