University Of Applied Forest Sciences Rottenburg


Our students appreciate the pleasant atmosphere and the personal interaction. The training content of the courses is based on future fields relevant to the labor market. With almost 1200 students, the Rottenburg University of Applied Sciences is a small but future-oriented university with a clear core forestry profile.

In its courses of study, the university develops cross-sector solutions in the areas of forestry, timber management, nature and environmental protection, landscape planning, water management, sustainable regional management and renewable energies. The focus is on the material and energetic use of (forest) biomass, the use of the scarce resource water and international development cooperation.

The aim of all courses is to impart knowledge and skills for a responsible and sustainable use of natural resources. For this future-oriented educational offer, the HFR has received several awards from UNESCO and won the university competition "Profile and Cooperation - Excellence Strategies for Small and Medium-sized Universities" at the Stifterverband der Deutschen Wissenschaft.



72108 Rottenburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

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