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The Consortium Paris Seine is the result of the July 2013 national law concerning French higher education and research. The aim of this law is to co-ordinate training offers and research strategies of higher education institutions in a given territory by pooling resources between universities, schools, and research institutions in order to constitute a major hub of higher education research and innovation. Consortium Paris Seine is one of 26 hubs of this kind in France and brings together 15 higher education institutions. It has legal status and acts as an incubator of inter-institutional projects.

The Consortium Paris Seine is a key player in: sharing knowledge, thanks to its impressive spectrum of disciplines, cross-curriculum programs and its high ranking internationally renowned, research units, strategic development of the region area through decisive contribution to R&D, extensive territory based presence, strong partnership with local and regional authorities, cooperation programs with major cultural economic industrial and technological sectors.

The Consortium Paris Seine gathers:

• 37,000 students, of whom 12 % are foreign students

• 2,700 professors and researchers

• 39 research centers

• 500 PhD students

• 150 international co-thesis projects

• international campuses

• 196 academic programs, of which 99 are double diplomas

• 755 academic and research international partnerships worldwide

The Paris Seine initiative, lead by the 4 Institutions: University of Cergy-Pontoise, ESSEC Business School, EISTI, Informatics Technology Engineering Scholl and ENSEA, Electronics Engineering School has been awarded in March 2017 by the French call (IDEX/I-SITE) for emerging world research universities. The project is the cornerstone of a deep transformative project to rationalize higher education in Cergy by redefining institutional borders on the basis of missions rather than legal statutes.



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