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The University José do Rosário Vellano - UNIFENAS, conceived and founded by Professor Edson Antonio Velano, began its history in May 22, 1972, when the first courses were allowed. The International College of Alfenas Region in 1988, now called University of Alfenas - UNIFENAS recognized by Decree 605/88 of 13/12/1988 the Ministry of Education - MEC, published in the Federal Official Gazette on 15/12 / 1988 (page 24456).

In 1993, the Bank began to expand with the implementation of other campuses. Today, the UNIFENAS is present in Alfenas, Belo Horizonte, Campo Belo, Divinópolis and Varginha. It offers undergraduate, lato postgraduate courses and sensu (master recognized by CAPES / MEC), residency in various specialties and extension courses in classroom methods and distance.

There are five campuses with specially designed and equipped with advanced technology facilities, allied to human resources, put UNIFENAS in a prominent position in the Brazilian educational scenario.

In Alfenas, the University Hospital of Alzira Velano UNIFENAS, opened in 1992, it is a center of life, working in care, teaching and research. Certified Teaching Hospital by the Ministries of Health and Education, performs on average 30 000 procedures per month, serving patients in Alfenas and other cities in the region, an estimated population of almost one million inhabitants.

It is a regional reference in pregnancy risk, trauma, neurosurgery, neonatal intensive care, hemodialysis, speech. You have Bank of Ocular Tissues and performs capture and corneal transplant surgery The Alzira Velano is a hospital complex which comprises of clinics, institutes and clinics.

The Center for Teaching and Health Care Community - CEASC - Faculty of Medicine UNIFENAS in Belo Horizonte, is facing the clinical care of patients at the level of Secondary Health Care - in specialties médicas- which expands and diversifies environments teaching and learning of academic Among its agencies to support the teaching, research and extension, stand-still Dental Clinics; Physiotherapy clinics; Clinical Psychology; Clinical speech therapy; Pro-Smile Center (for treatment of patients with craniofacial deformities and cleft lip and injuries, as well as eye implants, nose and ear); Eye Institute; Centers of Legal Assistance and Judicial; Junior companies; Veterinary and Farms Experimental hospital.

All this, with a faculty well qualified through strict sense graduate (masters and doctorate) and differentiated teaching methodologies contribute effectively to the building of knowledge professionals graduating from UNIFENAS.

Believing that all knowledge should bring benefits to society, the institution has become an important generator of jobs for the state of Minas Gerais.

Thus, UNIFENAS, throughout its existence, founded on Community interest of the actions and projects, a correct articulation between teaching, research and extension, follow its trajectory, committed to its social mission, promoting science, technology, health, humanism, competence and commitment.

UNIFENAS. Knowledge for life!

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Universidade José do Rosário Vellano (UNIFENAS)

The course aims at the formation of competent and creative professionals capable of responding to market needs, leading organizations of any size, being successful in the ... [+]

About the course

The UNIFENAS Administration course, Câmpus Alfenas, is affiliated to the FGV quality certification program. The teachers' qualifications and professional experiences, the pedagogical project of the course and the infrastructure of the course are analyzed carefully by the FGV team. This achievement of the UNIFENAS Administration course, Campus Alfenas, shows its excellence and quality! The accredited institutions have achieved excellent results in the tests applied by the MEC (Ministry of Education) for the students of the Institutions of Higher Education in order to measure the quality of the educational process. In 2012, 88% of the accredited institutions obtained a maximum grade, and the 12% who did not take a maximum mark took the highest grades in their states. To achieve these results, the student is prepared to understand the scientific, technical, social and economic issues of production and its management, observing the gradual levels of the decision-making process, as well as to develop qualitative and adequate management, revealing the assimilation Of new information and presenting intellectual flexibility and contextualized adaptability in dealing with diverse situations, present or emerging, in the various segments of the manager's field of activity. It is also prepared to recognize problems and propose alternative solutions, develop and implement creative and innovative projects that can lead to the development of the organization and of the society itself, as recommended by the National Curricular Guidelines for Administration courses.... [-]

Brazil Alfenas
March 2020
Portuguese (Brazil)
8 - 8 semesters
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