Centro Universitario de Araras Dr Edmunso Ulson (UNAR)


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The Associação Educacional de Araras was born from the idealism of a group of teachers who, since 1953, maintained a secondary school, called Colégio Comercial "Conde Sílvio Álvares Penteado". Sensitive to the needs of the youth and the population of Araras and its surroundings, to the development of industry, trade and other sectors that are components of regional progress and to the few opportunities, given the demanding higher education, they decided to found a higher education institution .

The Educational Association of Araras, which maintains the University Center of Araras "Dr. Edmundo Ulson" - UNAR, started its activities as the Faculty of Sciences and Letters of Araras, founded in December 1971. In the search for excellence in offering higher education, The institution has positioned itself as the cradle of the training of the future professional, offering quality facilities, laboratories and a library, within such standards that, allied to the competence and responsibility of the teaching staff, have been offering trainees the conditions to compete in the labor market. work with efficiency and ample professional and personal achievement.


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Av, R. Ernâni Lacerda de Oliveira, 100
São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil

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