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Zayed University Vision

Zayed University is a national and regional leader of educational innovation. Founded in 1998 and proudly bearing the name of the Founder of the Nation, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, this flagship institution is the modern embodiment of the President’s ambitions and considerable expectations for higher education in the United Arab Emirates.

Today, Zayed University is notable for encompassing two modern campuses in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai that welcome national and international students from within the UAE, the wider Gulf region and across the globe.

Zayed University is accredited by the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA)—the internal quality assurance and accreditation body of the UAE—and internationally by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (USA), one of six regional accreditation bodies in the USA which assures internationally recognized programs from a quality-assured university.

Mission 2017-2021

  • To provide a world-class education for all students through the provision of two states of the art campuses in Abu Dhabi and Dubai that will inspire, support and nurture student abilities through access to highly qualified faculty and dedicated staff.
  • To offer diverse and internationally recognized undergraduate and graduate programs that provide engaging and inclusive student experiences. Graduates will be prepared to contribute to and to promote, the social and economic wellbeing of UAE society and their respective professions.
  • To contribute to building a knowledge-based society through research, scholarship, creative activities, outreach, and continuing education services. In order to disseminate knowledge to local, regional, and global communities.

About Zayed University

Although a youthful nation, the United Arab Emirates plays a special role in the Middle East due to its strategic location, the quality of its modern infrastructure, and the forward-thinking and far-sighted vision of the country’s leaders. These leaders have identified education to be of great importance to the future of the U.A.E., as is indicated by the words of the Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the UAE’s founder:

“Excellence in education and knowledge is the route to glory. This can only be achieved through continuous efforts and academic progress. Education is the main pillar of progress and development, and the state has spared no effort to provide the necessary requirement of the educational sector. The state has a dire need of the efforts of all its educated citizens in the development process.”

Zayed University, a government-supported institution, was established in 1998 to prepare leaders who will foresee the possibilities and capture the opportunities for action that will create the future of the United Arab Emirates.

The University has campuses located in the U.A.E.’s two largest cities, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, under one central administration. Enrollment on each campus is in excess of 4000 students. The University is small enough to enable personal interaction between students and faculty, yet sufficiently large to offer students a range of challenging degree programs. At Zayed University, students experience a learning environment that encourages and supports their academic needs and fosters their success.

The basis for the academic experience at Zayed University is the Academic Program Model, which focuses on learning outcomes and assessment. This model provides students with a balanced, connected academic program that clearly defines outcomes, ensures that resources support educational goals, and emphasizes student achievement and success. The Academic Program Model is supported through a complete educational program including an Academic Bridge Program that ensures student proficiency in English; a General Education core curriculum that provides a broad inter-disciplinary foundation for the student’s chosen area of study; in-depth studies offered by seven Colleges; internships that provide practical experience; and periodic assessment of student achievement in the Zayed University Learning Outcomes.

During their first three semesters in the baccalaureate program, students enroll in the General Education program in University College, which comprises a core curriculum that provides an intellectual experience that is shared by all students and which creates a framework supportive of Zayed University’s Learning Outcomes. Through a series of closely related inter-disciplinary courses, students develop their abilities in critical thinking, global awareness, computer applications, scientific and quantitative reasoning, information literacy, and language proficiency in English and Arabic.

At Zayed University, students have a choice of degree programs designed to meet their personal academic interests and career goals. The programs are designed to fulfill the highest international academic standards. In their chosen programs of study, students actively participate in a learning process that requires them to apply their knowledge in real-world settings and to develop a broad understanding of current issues and practices. As their intellectual capacities grow, students assume increasing responsibility for self-directed learning. The graduates of Zayed University excel in both Arabic and English languages and are well grounded in the academic disciplines, proficient in computer skills, knowledgeable about their rich culture and heritage, global in their perspectives, and experienced in the professional workplace. Their success at Zayed University prepares them to become leaders in their families, their community, and their nation.


  • Mohammed Bin Zayed City

    Zayed University, P.O. Box 144534, , Mohammed Bin Zayed City

    • Dubai

      Zayed University, P.O. Box 19282, , Dubai