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Vilnius Business College

Vilnius Business College

Vilnius Business College


Vilne Yus College of Business (BBK) - An innovative, internationally recognized higher education institutions, providing an opportunity to get a quality European higher education (bachelor's degree) in the field of social, human and physical sciences.

In college, taught by qualified experts from Lithuania and foreign countries, many of whom are practitioners. All teachers have at least a master's degree, some of them - scientists with a Ph.D. in various specialties, as well as title of associate professor or professor.

Modern, well-known for its unique design Vilnius Business College offers students both time-tested and prodiktovanye new trends in the market training programs (duration of full-time studies - 3 years, part-time - 4 years).

Vilnius Business College is the first place of employment of graduates of colleges of Lithuanian! Some graduates create and develop their own business, and some continue their studies in local and foreign universities and colleges.

Our motto - special attention to each. Training is conducted in small groups, so students are guaranteed personal contact with teachers. In college, equipped with a library, computer labs, Wi-Fi access Internet. Traditional teaching methods supplemented by modern online learning games and challenging project-based learning.

Pay special attention to the study of English and other foreign languages, you can select French, Spanish, German, Russian, Swedish, and even Chinese!

Division of Communications and International Relations of Vilnius Business College has established links with foreign partners that promotes college education in the international market. College is actively involved in international projects and exchange programs, international educational programs and research activities.


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