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An International Hotel Training School

Located on Paraguay Street in 1867, meters away from the emblematic Santa Fe avenue and Rodriguez Peña Square, Vatel headquarters is at the center of the tourist and cultural activities of the Argentine capital and offers a wide range of access through of subway, bus and train networks.


Buenos Aires is the Economic, Cultural and Political Capital of the Argentine Republic

It is recognized worldwide as the cultural capital of Latin America with a wide offer for all tastes. It is also the city that receives the largest number of foreign students estimated at 25,000.

The capital has about 3 million inhabitants while Greater Buenos Aires has 12 million inhabitants and a unique hotel offer in the continent with the presence of the main international chains and with hotels recognized regionally and worldwide.

On average 30% of our students are of foreign origin, from more than 15 different countries.


The teaching staff is formed by renowned professionals from the Argentine hotel industry who impart not only theoretical knowledge to students, but also experiential knowledge achieved thanks to their extensive professional career.

It is also important to underline that in Vatel we promote a very important cognitive training for the personal and professional development of students, which is why skills such as respect, discipline, knowing how to be and being and personal presentation.

Internationalization is a fundamental point in the formation of Vatel. The Marco Polo program, Best Innovation in an Academic Program, allows Vatel Buenos Aires students to study their second year at another Vatel institute in the world. They are also part of a network that does not stop growing, currently the Vatel network has 9,000 students and 35,000 graduates in contact thanks to the VatelAlumni portal

With a very competitive and current academic plan, Vatel Argentina offers a double Argentine / French degree that guarantees a quick professional insertion:

  • Higher Degree in International Hotel Administration - MEC Argentina
  • Bachelor Degree in International Hotel Management - France

Our Mission: Prepare Young People to Develop in the International Hospitality

How to train the new generations to open up to the world and succeed in their hotel career in the hospitality, tourism and luxury industry?

Vatel, a world leading teaching concept since its creation 35 years ago

In Vatel, we prepare future executives of the international hotel and tourism.

With more than 35 years of experience, Vatel campuses in the world receive 7,000 students studying international hotels with the same philosophy based on applying in hotels what they learn in the classroom.

Studying hotels: the success of the 29,000 graduates we call Vatéliens is demonstrated by their work development in the most prestigious hotels in the world. Annual statistics show that 80% of them will work in the international hotel industry as General Director of hotel or hotel chains, Operational Manager, Department Manager, Commercial and Sales Manager, Marketing, Human Resources, Financial Manager, Heads of departments, Reception, Food and Beverages, Public Relations, Event Organization ... The remaining 20% will be developed in other sectors of activities such as the luxury industry that seeks this graduate profile.

All constitute a dynamic, solid and very useful network both for the student seeking an internship and for the recent graduate in the search for a job in a country or in a chosen city.

As the First World Group for training in hotel and tourism administration, Vatel offers today all the conditions to open up to the world and succeed in your professional career.


  • 1867, 1121

    Paraguay,1867, C1121, 1867, 1121