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The UPSAT , a private faculty of health sciences, was founded in 2001. It is a pioneer in paramedical university education in Tunisia.

UPSAT is the first private paramedical higher education institution to be recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research as well as by the Ministry of Health.

Faculty of elite, the UPSAT is recognized for the excellence of its academic training and the high level of qualification of its graduates.

With its notoriety, the quality training it provides guarantees the employability of its graduates in Tunisia and abroad.Naassom Azevedo / Unsplash

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By integrating "Honoris", the first pan-African network of private universities, the UPSAT takes on an international scale that gives it the means to stay the course on excellence.

The contribution of the Honoris network is reflected in the modernization of teaching tools and techniques, the diversification of training content and the integration of new entrepreneurial, digital and communication skills.

All this in order to be in harmony with international standards and to prepare our graduates for the requirements of the national and international labor market.

The UPSAT succeeds in its mission through groups of selected and reduced students, a rich teaching combining hospital practice and practical work with lectures, a high level faculty, a Medical Simulation Center unique in Africa.

The center has high-fidelity mannequins and a team of highly qualified trainers.

Through this center, the UPSAT offers these students the opportunity to consolidate their training on the procedural level and the know-how and know-how plan.

UPSAT provides training in three university institutions located in the center of the three main coastal cities of Tunisia: Tunis, Sousse and Sfax.

The three faculties are all accredited by the supervisory ministries and all specialized in the field of sciences and paramedical techniques.

Bathed by the Mediterranean, each of these cities represents by its history and its past a melting pot of civilizations and the mixing of cultures and religions, in a young, tolerant and open Tunisia where synagogues, cathedrals and mosques coexist.


Committed to quality, UPSAT constantly UPSAT to train the best standards, health professionals with strong skills and able to easily integrate changes in practice and the evolution of their professions.


The UPSAT aims to be and remain an African flagship accredited paramedical higher education, open to the international, adapting to the changes and meeting the requirements of the sector.

Our values


The UPSAT advantage

1. Diplomas approved and admitted in equivalence

The UPSAT is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research as well as by the Ministry of Health, it has adopted the LMD system since the beginning of 2010. The UPSAT selects its students from the bachelor's degree holders and the diplomas which it issues are admitted in equivalence .

2. International opening

By integrating " Honoris ", the first pan-African network of private universities, the UPSAT takes an international scale that gives it the means to stay the course on excellence .

3. Training by skills

Our goal is to enable young graduates to quickly move into the workforce and easily integrate the healthcare circuit.

4. Qualified and attentive administrative team

Academics and experts with proven track record in higher education and health. Their mission is to welcome , advise and support the student throughout his career.

5. Competent educational body

Our institutions use a teaching staff with a majority of university-hospital professors , including heads of insured specialties. Seasoned paramedics bring their experience and practical know-how to prepare graduates for the socio-professional environment.

6. Modern and adapted spaces

UPSAT offers its students a modern infrastructure, equipped with technological means and specialized laboratories promoting collective and collaborative intelligence.

7. A unique medical simulation center in Africa

The Medical Simulation Center of the Honoris network is equipped with technologies allowing quasi real situations.

8. Close supervision during the internships

Our students benefit very early from a professional situation in the University Hospital Centers and clinics related to our institutions through conventions.

9. Rewarding experience

A rich program of intra and extra muros activities complements the official programs. This program includes visits, workshops, training days , information sessions, seminars and study trips.

10. Success rates exceeding 95%

Annual graduation and graduation rates exceeding 95% of enrollments.


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  • Created in 2005 in Tunis, political, administrative and economic capital,

  • Implemented in the City Center near the Medical Simulation Center,

  • Agreed with the largest university hospitals and clinics nearby,

  • Has laboratories equipped by specialty,

  • Appeals to pedagogical coordinators, luminaries in the Hospital-University field and a qualified paramedical faculty,

  • More than 1158 graduates since its creation.

  • Degrees awarded:
    • Licensing: Anesthesia Resuscitation, Physiotherapy, Optics and Eyewear, Orthoptics, Nursing and Imaging and Radiotherapy.
    • Master: Advanced in Age, Disability and Physical Activities.

Teaching staff UPSAT Tunis

University professors
Hospital-University Assistants
Professors of higher education and lecturers
Assistants and Assistant Masters
Doctors and pharmacists
Health professionals

UPSAT Sousse

Founded in 2002 in the university city of Sousse, in premises located in the city center not far from the university hospitals and clinics with which it is bound by conventions, the UPSAT is a private higher education institution specialized in paramedical training. In 2002, it was the first to be recognized as such by the two line ministries, namely the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Higher Education. Since then, several graduates have entered the labor market in Tunisia or abroad .
Our goal is to enable young graduates to quickly move into the workforce and integrate easily into the healthcare circuit.

The UPSAT offers its students a modern infrastructure adapted to the requirements of a quality education: spacious, airy and air-conditioned classrooms, specialized laboratories richly and adequately equipped to meet the needs of the practical activities and a library provided in reference works in specialized periodicals. It also offers them an internet environment to research and prepare the personal work entrusted to them by the teachers.

UPSAT Sousse teaching UPSAT

University professors
Hospital-University Assistants
Professors of higher education and lecturers
Assistants and Assistant Masters
Doctors and pharmacists
Health professionals


Created in 2007 in Sfax, capital of southern Tunisia, the faculty of health sciences sfax is located near the two university hospitals of the city namely the chu hedi chaker and chu habib bourguiba. The faculty has entered into partnership agreements with:

  • Some private clinics

  • The medical simulation center of tunis

  • The regional hospital of Mahres

  • The medico-sport center of sfax

  • The center of sfax motor handicaps

  • The basic care center of sfax

UPSAT Sfax teaching UPSAT

University professors
Hospital-University Assistants
Professors of higher education and lecturers
Assistants and Assistant Masters
Doctors and pharmacists
Health professionals


  • Tunis

    38, rue de Cologne, Lafayette, 1002, Tunis

  • Sousse

    Rue du Commandant Bejaoui, Sousse, 4000, Sousse

    • Sfax

      Km 0.5, الكلية الخاصة للعلوم شبه الطبية، Route Manzel Chaker, Sfax 3000, Tunisia, 3000, Sfax