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University of Dundee Business Economics BSc (Hons)
University of Dundee

Business Economics BSc (Hons)

Dundee, United Kingdom

3 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

GBP 21,900 / per year *


* for International students


Economics is a diverse subject to study, as it can touch upon areas of finance, politics, business, history, and other social sciences. In many ways, it can cover every aspect of the way we live our lives.

This program provides students with a detailed knowledge of Economics, and skills to be able to apply the knowledge in a practical sense. It covers both microeconomic (the actions/behaviors of an individual “unit&rdquo, such as an individual company, household, etc) and macroeconomic issues (a much wider view of economic actions/behaviors, for example, Governments).

The course will also give students the chance to think about the design of various policies, from an economic perspective. Assessing both economic institutions and economies in a practical context.

Economics degrees are useful as general degrees, particularly given their analytical and quantitative content. They are useful for students who wish to become professional economists and give those students a high-quality education in economics. It is also the type of subject however that can open many career opportunities in business, finance, politics, and more. Especially with the 8-week internship component built into this program, which provides that crucial work experience as part of the course.

Companies will welcome graduates who understand the relevant theories, practices, models, and tools associated with Economics, however, it’s vital for them to recruit graduates who understand how to put these theories into practice, understand how and when to use certain theoretical models, understand their limitations and have the forward-thinking to develop new solutions.

Combining the module content, the way they are taught, and the internship, the degree, truly does offer an “in-practice” experience.



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