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University Of Debrecen BSc in Physics
University Of Debrecen

BSc in Physics

Debrecen, Hungary

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Academic discipline: Natural Sciences

Degree: Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Qualification: Physicist (with Bachelor of Science degree)

Duration: 6 semesters

Credits obtained: The bachelor’s degree requires the completion of 180 credits (ETC).

Aim of the program: Students of the physics BSc program obtain a thorough training in subject areas pertaining to physics – from mechanics to particle physics. They learn about the physical laws governing our environment and get acquainted with the basic constituents and structure of matter. During the BSc program, they acquire practical knowledge in physics, computing, and technology. Apart from learning about physics, students will learn how to think and plan logically and solve problems efficiently.

Main subjects typically include: Mathematics in Physics, Basics of Measurement and Evaluation, Differential and Integral Calculus, Linear Algebra, Classical Mechanics, Basic Computer Skills in Physics, Thermodynamics, Thermodynamics practicals, Optics, Mechanics, Laboratory practical: Mechanics, Optics, Thermodynamics, Differential and Integral Calculus of Multivariable Functions ,Condensed Matter, Electromagnetism, Ordinary Differential Equations, Probability Theory and Statistics, Laboratory practical: Mechanics, Optics, Thermodynamics, Introduction to Electronics, Atomic and Quantum Physics, Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Electrodynamics practicals, Condensed Matter Laboratory Practices, Introduction to Electronics, Condensed Matter, Quantum Mechanics, Nuclear Physics, Basic Environmental Sciences, Statistical Physics, Statistical Physics practicals, Fundamental Interactions, Atom and Nuclear Physics laboratory work, Thesis

Internship, practice: Students should complete a 6-week practice at an external company or institution.

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