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Welcome to the website of the University of Colima, educational institution located in the west central Mexico region. Here you will find information on daily life, educational opportunities, academic, cultural and scientific infrastructure.

University have agreed that it is time to accept social responsibility rather than as a philosophy, as a way of life that allows us to offer educational services to promote change and progress, thus contributing to building a more just society and transparent.

To achieve this, we renew our sense of belonging to the university to students, teachers, researchers, service personnel, administrators and officials rekindle the love and respect for the work we do and above all, by the institution.

The University of Colima is a leading institution forming professionals and scientists with creative sense, innovative, humanistic and highly competitive, committed to the harmonious development of society, national and international environment.

The strategy that we promote, for the present rectory administration, is based on the Education for Social Responsibility, which seeks that our institution can take more strongly its social function in an accountability framework that promotes human development, both university and of society itself. It involves support and trust people, respect their rights and expand the space of their abilities, so they can be masters of their own destiny, for their own benefit and their environment. Therefore, we invite you to visit this site to share with you the work of our community and put at your disposal a space of communication with our university.

A 75 year-old University of Colima have been founded, our commitment to society and students is higher because we live in an era where new technologies are constantly evolving, so that the University of Colima has decided to venture into the social networks in order to break the barriers of space and time, achieving an approach and greater rapport with the student, society and the world.

Curriculum Vitae synthetic

Academic training

The Rector is Public Accountant and obtained the degree of Master in Business Administration from the University of Colima which culminated in the Peña Colorada Prize.

Job performance

He has participated as an internal auditor in various agencies of the federal and state governments, as well as at the University of Colima. He has served as full-time researcher Professor at the Faculty of Accounting and Administration Campus Colima, Regional Chief, General Coordinator Administrative and Financial Management and Secretary of the University of Colima.

Charges and distinctions

  • Operator responsible for the state of Mexico Colima instance Connected to the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation program.
  • Board member of the National Association of Distance Education System.
  • Deputy Chairman of the State Planning Commission for Higher Education in the State of Colima.
  • Full member of the State Coordination of Child Support Grant Program, before PRONABES.
  • Chairman of the Awards Committee of the West Central Region of ANUIES.
  • President of the 1st. Regional Parliamentary meeting conducted by the National Association and Institutions of Higher Education in collaboration with ANUIES Central West Region and the Chamber of Deputies, held in Manzanillo, Col. 1 July 2013.
  • He was awarded the "Parliamentary Medal" of the Senate of the Russian Federation under XXII Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum, held in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, January 2014.
  • Appointment as Member of the State Council of the State of Colima Transplants and Transplant Center State. Issued by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare State Government. April 10, 2014. Colima, Col.
  • Secretary of the worktable "Challenges and Prospects of Higher Education" at the special meeting of the Regional Council Western Center ANUIES held in Guanajuato on July 4, 2014.

Component purposes

The component integrates purposes subcomponents of teaching, scientific, cultural diffusion and extension services.

The subcomponent teaching, is established as the framework for planning and institutional development by incorporating social interaction theories, humanistic, behaviorist, cognitivist and constructivist, among others, on which university education is founded and serves as the basis for


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