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University of Cambridge Queen's College

University of Cambridge Queen's College

University of Cambridge Queen's College


Queens' College is one of the 31 constituent Colleges of the University of Cambridge. We admit male and female undergraduate and postgraduate students, both at the standard University age and mature students, to study the majority of subjects offered by the University.

We are a lively community of students, fellows and staff. The College is located at the heart of the city of Cambridge, with good access to University departments and to the town. We are famous for our ancient buildings and riverside site; if you visit, though, you’ll see that the College has evolved throughout its six centuries and that Queens’ as a place and as a community is very much engaged with the present and looking to the future.

Queens’ College is a large and complex community. The President and Fellows are the senior members of College. The Official Fellows and Professorial Fellows form the Governing Body of Queens’; they hold meetings to discuss and vote on all major College decisions. Committees, formed of Fellows, staff members and student representatives, often manage day-to-day College business and report to the Governing Body.

There are two groups that represent Queens’ students: the Junior Combination Room (JCR), for undergraduate students, and the Middle Combination Room (MCR), for postgraduate students. The other main group of current College members are the staff, who work across a number of departments to support all aspects of College life.


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