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University Of Arts From Târgu-Mureș

University Of Arts From Târgu-Mureș

University Of Arts From Târgu-Mureș


The University of Arts Târgu-Mures is currently preparing actors, puppeteers, directors, choreographers, impresarios, playwrights, theatre critics, designers, music teachers in Romanian and Hungarian. The University is also an institution that holds a theatre and a puppet theatre, which organise professional artistic performances in every season. The mission assumed by the University of Arts Târgu-Mures focuses on the following:

· Organising graduate studies, master and doctoral training, ensuring the improvement of creators and specialists in theatre arts, music, decorative arts at the best quality requirements of a knowledge-based society and culture;

· Promoting creative activities for teachers and students in theatre arts, musical and dramatic arts, as well as scientific research in accordance with the requirements of national and international values;

· Ensuring multicultural, multilingual and interfaith interference to carry out teaching, learning, creation and research in Romanian and Hungarian languages, based on equality.


  • Târgu Mureș

    Strada Köteles Sámuel,6, 540057, Târgu Mureș