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Universidade de Franca (UNIFRAN) Production engineering
Universidade de Franca (UNIFRAN)

Production engineering

10 Semesters


Part time

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BRL 1,083 / per year



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About the course

Production Engineering is dedicated to the design and management of systems involving people, materials, equipment and the environment. You will study subjects related to the economy, environment, finance, etc., in addition to the basic technological topics of other engineering fields. Their knowledge will be based on the following areas: operations engineering and production processes, logistics, operational research, quality engineering, product engineering, organizational engineering, economic engineering, work engineering, sustainability engineering and education in production engineering.

Job market

His broad knowledge base qualifies him to occupy prominent positions in organizations such as CEO (Chief Executive Office), director, manager, analyst, coordinator and supervisor in the areas of operations, logistics, finance, supply chain management, costs, planning, quality and product development.


One of the highlights of Unifran's Production Engineering is employability, thanks to its solid scientific, technological and professional training. The Institution's students are sought after for internships since the first years of the course. Many recent graduates already have experience of up to four years in the area, others hold management positions even before completing the course. The course has a mandatory supervised internship, which can be carried out in companies or research institutions.

Additional information

Mandatory Supervised Curricular Internship to be carried out outside regular class hours. Daytime students will study from the 1st to the 4th semester in the daytime period and from the 5th to the 10th in the evening period.

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