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University of Applied Sciences Aschaffenburg

University of Applied Sciences Aschaffenburg

University of Applied Sciences Aschaffenburg


About Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences

Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences (UAS) is a dynamic and growing university of applied sciences known for its innovative and interdisciplinary approach to education and its close links with the business world. We offer bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes that have a strong practical focus within the fields of business, law, and engineering.

Aschaffenburg UAS’ programmes are fully accredited and place exceptionally well in German university rankings. Close collaboration with German and international corporations as well as international university partnerships ensure that students gain practical knowledge and international experience, enhancing their prospects for successful careers in today’s demanding global market.

University vs. University of Applied Sciences - the German System

Aschaffenburg UAS is a university of applied sciences, one of the two main types of higher education institution in Germany. While traditional universities are very theoretically oriented, universities of applied sciences have a more practical outlook and focus on teaching professional skills. Both types of institution are able to issue bachelor’s and master’s degrees. However, universities of applied sciences do not independently issue doctoral degrees; instead, their focus lies in close cooperation and interaction with businesses, industry, and service providers, especially on a regional level. In keeping with this foundation, degree programmes at Aschaffenburg UAS combine academic studies, on-the-job training, and a period of specialisation culminating in a final thesis.

The Frankfurt-Rhine-Main Business Region

Aschaffenburg UAS is located in the heart of Germany’s Frankfurt-Rhine-Main business region, home to nearly 400,000 companies, 40 international trade fairs, and 30 higher education institutions. This strategic location allows us to cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships with hundreds of companies both local and international. Students have extensive opportunities for part-time jobs, internships, and post-graduation employment, and researchers will find the region ideal for partnered projects.

A top-quality German education in a closely connected, friendly environment

When you decide to study in Germany, you make a bold and forward-thinking choice. Germany is one of the world's leading economies and technology exporters, thanks in no small part to the quality and high standards of its education system. By choosing to study in Germany, you are making the decision to challenge yourself and hold yourself to those same high standards.

But even in Germany, quality of education can vary. Studying at Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences means getting a career-oriented, practical education at one of the top-ranked universities of applied sciences in the country. The German Centre for Higher Education (CHE, Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung) regularly ranks our degree programs in the “Superior” category, at the top level of national rankings.

In addition to offering full degree programmes on the bachelor and master levels, we host many visiting exchange and double-degree students from around the world. No matter where they come from, all students here share a passion for our main disciplines of engineering, business administration, and law – which means you will be joining a community of like-minded and highly motivated individuals.

Why Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences?

Not sure if Aschaffenburg UAS is the right choice for you? Here are eight reasons that make us stand out from the pack.

1 Top-ranked programmes

Our degree programmes are regularly placed at the top of the German Centre for Higher Education (CHE, Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung) university rankings. These rankings are based on a comprehensive review of factors including input from students and faculty and are a clear indicator of not only the high quality of our programmes, but also the high level of student satisfaction with studies here.

2 Two faculties lead to meaningful interdisciplinary collaboration

Due to our focused yet interconnected two-faculty organisational structure, students from both faculties have easy access to opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration. Business and law students have a chance to gain expertise in technology issues, while engineers can brush up on their management and accounting skills. This broad knowledge proves invaluable when entering the labour market.

3 Many modules offered in English

Although all of our full degree programmes require knowledge of German, many individual modules are taught in English. For degree students, this means the opportunity to gain a solid command of both languages, including industry terminology. For visiting exchange students, this makes it easy to study for a semester or academic year entirely in English.

4 Walkable campus with a welcoming atmosphere

Our compact campus is easily walkable, and our small size creates a strong community feeling. On a typical day on campus, you might bump into friends on your way to class, eat lunch with a professor in the dining hall, carry out research with classmates in a high-tech laboratory, and stop by the Computer Centre to email with friends and family back home – all within a five- or ten-minute walk.

5 Excellence in teaching and personal support

World-class teaching is one of our most important goals, and our teachers have extensive resources to ensure that you maximise your learning. Small class sizes mean that your professors and lecturers are available to you for extra guidance or support, both during and outside of seminars. Additionally, we offer extensive academic and general guidance services if you need support in any aspect of your life as a student.

6 Modern infrastructure, hi-tech facilities

Our classrooms, lecture halls, offices, and laboratories are housed in picturesque historical buildings that have been completely renovated in recent years in order to provide a modern, hi-tech study environment. Laboratory and workshop facilities are cutting-edge, offering you access to the latest equipment in your chosen field, and classrooms and study spaces are equipped with modern computing technology.

7 Friendly town in a booming business region

Aschaffenburg lies in the heart of the Frankfurt-Rhine-Main business region, which is Germany’s industrial and business core and home to thousands of companies. This means extensive opportunities for students to intern, work, and do research at leading businesses. At the same time, the town of Aschaffenburg is small and friendly, with lovely architecture and historical charm. Extensive public transportation gives easy access to the rest of the region, giving students the best of both worlds.

8 Industry and international connections

We cultivate extensive partnerships with regional and global companies as well as universities across Europe and the rest of the world. This gives you excellent access to your chosen industry, giving you ample opportunities to put theory into practice and study your subject from different perspectives.


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