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The Wrocław College of Humanities

The Wrocław College of Humanities

The Wrocław College of Humanities


The Wrocław College of Humanities was founded in 2002 by “Wapol” Enterprises and is enrolled in the register of the Ministry of National Education and Sport under the number: 113/2002 and, therefore, has legal status. The main foci of „Wapol” are organizing courses, training, and seminars for firms, institutions, people willing to enhance their qualifications, as well as for unemployed. It offers a High School for people willing to pass matriculation examinations, gaining secondary level education, enabling enrolling for university or college. For those who are seeking new career possibilities, “Wapol” offers attractive annual and biennial schools which programs are adjusted to the demanding job market.

The Wrocław College of Humanities is the first non-state university of Lower Silesia, which enables studies in humanities, mechanics, economics, and medicine. The College educates future architects, geodesists, economists, physiotherapists. Graduates of The Wrocław College of Humanities are prepared to take up work in government institutes and offices and financial, trade, and service institutions. Our main aim is to develop creativity and assertiveness, facilitating the handling of further life challenges and laying out new goals, both in future professional and private life.


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