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The Swiss Institute for Management & Hospitality (SWISS IM&H)

The Swiss Institute for Management & Hospitality (SWISS IM&H)

The Swiss Institute for Management & Hospitality (SWISS IM&H)



The Swiss Institute for Management & Hospitality (SWISS IM&H) lives by and strives to fulfill its motto of leading in Hospitality and Tourism. We are proud to announce our establishment as being one of the leaders amongst the major academic institutions in hospitality and tourism in Switzerland. This in itself proves that SWISS IM&H is committed to achieving global excellence in hospitality and tourism education. Students from all over the world will enroll for the SWISS IM&H, which helps them to achieve hospitality or tourism industry managerial experience. We take full responsibilities in preparing them for their upcoming challenges in the industry. SWISS IM&H also has an active advisory committee consisting of industry leaders who provide advice on curriculum and development matters.

This helps to ensure that our curriculum mirrors the realities and fulfills the needs of the industry, both today and in the future. As SWISS IM&H moves further up in the global hospitality industry, it continues to develop strong synergies among the industry, students, and academic staffs. We believe strongly that ‘We are not better, but different.’ It is our pleasure to welcome prospective hospitality industry students to join SWISS IM&H to fulfill their goals and to find them in leading and significant positions. Looking forward to seeing you in our school soon and wish you all the very best for your future.


The town of Weggis is what you dream about when you think of Switzerland. Situated on the Lake of Lucerne and beneath the Swiss Alps, it provides a quiet, safe and peaceful environment – perfect to concentrate on building that vital step to become a successful hospitality expert. SWISS IM&H chose it’s home in Weggis because we believe it is a vital part of the education, to be able to live in the heart of where Swiss tourism beats – the region of Lucerne. Being able to study in Switzerland has always been impressive, choosing Weggis is always superlative.


Where better to study hospitality than in the land of its roots? Welcome to Switzerland and welcome to SWISS IM&H, well-known for its excellent and consistent quality. We don’t hide behind the title ‘Swiss Made’. We offer an education with practical training which differs from the Swiss professional exam and yet includes many aspects of it. For professionals, a Swiss education, training or work experience has proven to open doors to successful careers in our globalized world. The grounding provided by our educational and training institute SWISS IM&H will be indispensable as your guide for your professional future in our service-oriented society


For all activities of Swiss IM&H the following core values describe the guardrails:
Provided by highly-skilled, experienced and dedicated lecturers we offer our students an extraordinary learning experience which combines practical and theoretical components to a balanced unity on the expected level of outcome.

Every day we contribute to a unique culture at Swiss IM&H within a familiar atmosphere among management, faculty, and students, which respects all participants as unique personalities in a way hotel guests like to be treated.

We are a niche player as a familiar school with a great cost/benefit relation that takes care of its students from acquisition over study time until their successful career.


We are a family away from home providing our students' hospitality competences they are proud of.


Believe in nurturing, guiding and developing students to stand tall when confronted with future professional challenges, as well as in life, based on moral values and ethical principles that carry, to a higher level, the promise and meaning of success


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