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The British University in Egypt BSc (Hons) in Petroleum Engineering and Gas Technology
The British University in Egypt

BSc (Hons) in Petroleum Engineering and Gas Technology

Cairo, Egypt

4 Years


Full time

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GBP 7,500 / per year



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The mission of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Department is to educate students for the practice of their profession in drilling, production and reservoir engineering topics for underground fluid resources in oil and gas and, for the advancement of knowledge and technology that form the basis of petroleum engineering as well as for finding solutions to the national, international, societal and environmental issues related to petroleum industry. Working with the UK and Global partners to offer international and national opportunities for graduates to develop their knowledge and entrepreneurship skills and to contribute to community development.

Distinctive features of the programme

The BUE delivers programmes based on the British philosophy of education. This results in programmes that are very much focused on the student rather than those who deliver the material. Graduates from UK programmes typically exhibit:

  • the ability to think creatively and with strong problem-solving skills;
  • high-level key and transferable skill sets;
  • the ability to maintain independently a high level of professional and subject-specific competence (often through CPD);
  • technical competence;
  • the ability to conceptualise problems at a high level (i.e. to see the big picture);
  • diligent and ethical working practices;
  • the ability to work both independently and as part of a team;
  • flexibility and the ability to apply their subject subject-specific outside their own.


Furthermore, this programme is delivered both with a local and UK flavour giving students the opportunity to gain an appreciation of national and international perspectives on many aspects of professional life. This includes management techniques, business culture, legal frameworks and standards. The programme is designed to provide a solid foundation to those who are looking for a future career in petroleum engineering and gas technology and respond to the growing needs of society regarding both energy resources and the petroleum industry. An emphasis is placed on the natural gas industry and relevant technologies. Following the recent gas discoveries in Egypt, especially in Mediterranean waters, engineers qualified in this area will be able to help develop the country’s growing needs in this economically vibrant field.

In addition to these attributes, the Petroleum Engineering programme is validated by a UK University (in line with QAA and professional body subject benchmark statements).

Programme aims

The BEng (Honours) in Petroleum Engineering and Gas Technology aims to:

  1. Offer an honours degree programme in the fields of Petroleum Engineering and Natural Gas Technology.
  2. Provide high-quality graduates to the sector both within Egypt and internationally.
  3. Produce graduates with a profile that includes a strong academic background in Petroleum Engineering and Gas Technology combined with the analytical, technical and professional skills necessary to operate successfully in the industry.

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