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Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University ( (THU)

Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University ( (THU)

Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University ( (THU)


Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University is a higher educational institution – teaching university, which implements higher education programs in humanitarian education, social sciences, law, business administration, and medicine.

The mission of the University is to represent the hearth of higher education at a local and international level, which offers educational service and life-long learning opportunities that fit changeable needs of society and is based on current achievements of scientific knowledge, through which it contributes to the process of preparing an active member of the democratic society, and the development of an individual and the realization of intellectual potential.

The vision of the University is to represent a provider of high-quality education, which implements higher educational programs and closely cooperates with a business sector based on the educational goals, also with different organizations, institutions, third interested parties and contributes to the integration of research activities in the educational process; Develops and implements the certification courses and programs which complies with labour demands to ensure the continuous education; By acknowledging mutual-perception and mutual influence of different cultures, it develops international contacts, attracts international students and effectively uses the internationalization opportunities for the sustainable development; Introduces and develops sustainable mechanisms of quality assurance under the higher educational standards of Georgia and Europe.


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    0144, Tbilisi, Monk Gabriel Salos Ave. №31, 0144, Tbilisi