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University of Sydney - Business School Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)
University of Sydney - Business School

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

Sydney, Australia

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Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

From 2011, the University of Sydney Business School will offer a revitalized Bachelor of Commerce degree that has been enhanced to give you the best possible start to your career in business.

The degree will offer:

Integrated learning in the key areas of business

The newly integrated core units of study with a focus on commerciality are designed to progressively develop your knowledge and skills throughout the degree. This approach will help you to transition from school to university and then to the world of business with ease.

Greater flexibility to explore your interests

The revised structure will offer you the even greater flexibility to combine your interests in a wide range of areas. This will allow you to tailor your degree to suit your career aspirations. Students undertaking a cadetship will also have the flexibility to complete their studies part-time.

Real-world experience

The degree's increased focus on connecting you with industry and exposing you to real-world business cases and experiences will make you truly career ready and prepare you to enter the marketplace with confidence.

Degree requirements

To be awarded the Bachelor of Commerce, students complete units of study with a total value of 144 credit points, comprising:

  • six core units of study (36 credit points), comprising five junior units of study (30 credit points) and one senior unit of study (six credit points)
  • a major selected from the 'Commerce subject areas'
  • either an optional second major and/or elective units of study selected from any of the 'Commerce subject areas' or from any other faculty of the University of Sydney (subject to the approval of the faculty offering the unit and degree requirements)
  • a maximum of 60 credit points in junior (1000 level) units of study
  • a minimum of 96 credit points in units of study from the Business School and the School of Economics (a maximum of 48 credit points in units from any other faculty).

Please Note: Students who commenced their degree prior to 2011 must complete their degree under the degree resolutions for the year they commenced their degree.

Professional accounting accreditation

Students planning to satisfy the entry requirements of CPA Australia or the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia should include in their course a prescribed set of units of study, including units of study from accounting, business law, business information systems and finance. Required units of study are listed under the Accounting major. For further information regarding accreditation requirements contact either CPA Australia or ICAA.

Australian Computer Society (ACS) accreditation

Students planning to satisfy the entry requirements of the ACS should include in their course a prescribed set of units of study, including a major in Business Information Systems.

Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) accreditation

All undergraduate award courses incorporating a major in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management are AHRI-accredited. Students wishing to satisfy the requirements for professional membership of AHRI should include this major in their course.

Part-time Study

Part-time study is available in the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) for students holding an Accounting of Finance cadetship. A pattern of units of study that will allow students to complete core unit requirements and the prerequisite units for a major in Accounting and Finance or Business Law is taught in block-modes on a set day of the week to allow cadets to meet their work and study obligations.

Other students considering studying part-time should note that cadets generally alternate part- and full-time study throughout their degrees, and can only select from a limited range of majors. The BCom is not a truly part-time degree for other students.

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