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NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences


As a university of applied sciences, NHL Stenden challenges its students, lecturers, researchers and partners to explore beyond existing solutions and possibilities, to discover and develop their talents so as to contribute to social progress. A quick glance through history shows that trailblazing ideas that make a difference often come from people daring to question what others assume. At NHL Stenden, we call these people groundbreakers. They have the guts to break down the status quo and make unobvious choices. They are unmissable in a world that is increasingly complex. And we believe that these groundbreakers can be anyone that simply dares to be themselves. It makes them original – and it makes NHL Stenden home of the originals.

The #6 reasons

Life is about breaking through boundaries. At our international University of Applied Sciences, we want to encourage you each day to discover and develop your talents. To guide you on a journey that will take you beyond the borders of your education, help you to look beyond your field, and develop through collaboration with others.

Why NHL Stenden: 6 reasons to choose NHL Stenden

  • Top-quality education: giving you a degree that works!
  • Dynamic global network: offering a dynamic global network that will take you places.
  • Innovative educational concept: teaching you to turn ideas into practical solutions.
  • Excellent career prospects: giving you a skillset for a head start.
  • Great student life: being diverse, open, and sociable. So you can be you.
  • Affordable education: helping you get the most out of your studies.

Get ready to study in Holland

Studying abroad is often your chance to find out about different cultures. For some, studying in the Netherlands is a chance to explore a completely different culture, for others, there are more similarities. Our international students have found that sometimes the differences are in the details. Cheese is cheese, right? Or is it? When you study abroad, you’ll probably find that the things you now take for granted in your day-to-day life are no longer quite what you expect. Our students are more than happy to share their day-in-a-life experiences and show you what life can be like when you study abroad in the Netherlands. Moreover, they dig deeper into Dutch culture and tell you all about their experiences in a podcast series. Check out Experience Student Life at NHL Stenden.

Experience student life at NHL Stenden

Studying abroad can be very exciting and become the experience of a lifetime. But it can also make you aware of big and small cultural differences. It’s therefore good to know more about some Dutch habits and experience student life on campus and city, to find out if you can see yourself at NHL Stenden in the Netherlands.

Virtual Campus Tours

One of the most international educational institutes in the Netherlands, NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences is based in student cities known for their friendliness and openness, from historic Leeuwarden, quaint Meppel, and entrepreneurial Emmen.


Associate degree

Check the academic and language requirements for our international associate degree programmes.

Bachelor's degree

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Master's degree

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Excellent education

Higher education in the Netherlands is known worldwide for its high quality and its international study environment. Dutch educational institutes score well internationally, and NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences, for example, is highly regarded for the quality of its education. For the third consecutive year, we have been listed as one of the top 3 ‘best large universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands according to the Dutch Higher Education Guide 2021.

Student Testimonials

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences is in the Top 10 Countries to Study Abroad Top 10 Europe rankings 2023 badge Top 10 Global rankings 2023 badge Top 10 Europe rankings 2022 badge Top 10 Global rankings 2022 badge Top 10 Europe rankings 2021 badge


  • Leeuwarden

    NHL Stenden Leeuwarden Rengerslaan 8, 8917 DD, Leeuwarden

    • Groningen

      NHL Stenden Groningen (Dutch programs) Phebensstraat 1, 9711 BL, Groningen

      • Emmen

        NHL Stenden Emmen Van Schaikweg 94, 7811 KL , Emmen

        • Meppel

          NHL Stenden Meppel (PABO-course, in English) Van der Duyn van Maasdamstraat 1, 7942 AT , Meppel

          • Assen

            NHL Stenden Assen (Dutch programs) Zeemanstraat 1, 9406 BZ , Assen

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