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Stellenbosch University (SU) is home to an academic community of 29 000 students (including 4 000 foreign students from 100 countries) as well as 3 000 permanent staff members (including 1 000 academics) on five campuses. The historical oak-lined university town amongst the Boland Mountains in the Winelands of the Western Cape creates a unique campus atmosphere, which attracts local and foreign students alike. On the main campus, paved walkways wind between campus buildings – some dating from previous centuries; others just a few years old. Architecture from various eras attests to the sound academic foundation and establishment of an institution of excellence. This, together with the scenic beauty of the area; state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly facilities and technology, as well as visionary thinking about the creation of a sustainable 21st-century institution, makes for the unique character of Stellenbosch University.

Academic excellence and innovation

The University is amongst South Africa's leading tertiary institutions based on research output, student pass rates and rated scientists, and is recognised internationally as an academic institution of excellence. It boasts the highest weighted research output per full-time academic staff member of all South African universities and the second-highest number of scientists in South Africa who have been rated by the National Research Foundation (NRF). It also has the highest student success rate in the country.

With 18 research chairs under the NRF South African Research Chairs Initiative (SARChi), the University is regarded as a leader in the fields of biomedical tuberculosis research and management, wine biotechnology, animal sciences and mathematical biosciences. Another SARChi chair, in the field of invasion biology, is shared between SU and the University of Venda. This constitutes but one of SU's many partnerships, both local and international. As a preferred research partner, SU also participates in various international academic networks.

Vibrant student communities

SU is known as a residential campus with an active residential life, which makes residence placement sought-after among students. As the residence demand far exceeds supply and is in line with new learning needs, SU is in the process of converting its Stellenbosch campus into integrated learning and living space. Residences and private wards are grouped into clusters, each with its own cluster hub, where residence and day students are able to study, meet and socialise. With the construction of new buildings and the repurposing of existing buildings, student-centred facilities are created to enable students to conduct group work, study and gain access to the University's electronic networks.

SU's graduates are sought-after in the workplace. However, the University also aims to deliver engaged citizens and responsible leaders, who are willing to use their expertise and skills to serve society. Therefore, students are encouraged to engage with the community through MAD² (Making A Decision 2 Make A Difference) and Matie Community Service as well as service learning and community interaction within their respective disciplines. Further opportunities for self-improvement are offered by MFM 92.6, the University's community radio station; a wide variety of student associations and sporting codes, the Students' Representative Council, House committees and the Frederik Van Zyl Slabbert Institute for Student Leadership Development.

Our vision

Stellenbosch University will be Africa's leading research-intensive university, globally recognised as excellent, inclusive and innovative, where we advance knowledge in service of society.

Our mission

Stellenbosch University is a research-intensive university, where we attract outstanding students, employ a talented staff and provide a world-class environment; a place connected to the world while enriching and transforming local, continental and global communities.


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