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Southern Methodist College

Southern Methodist College


Southern Methodist College provides post-secondary education with a Biblical foundation that prepares students to think, live, and serve as effective Christians in the church and society. The overall structure of the College programs and activities seeks to develop general education, intellectual abilities, Bible knowledge, spiritual maturity, and ministry skills through academic instruction, experiential learning, and career development.

The Southern Methodist Church recognizes and accepts the duty and obligation of maintaining higher learning institutions to promote distinctively Christian culture. Southern Methodist College, as an institution of the Southern Methodist Church, shall seek these goals as mandated in The Discipline of the Southern Methodist Church (paragraph 507): To maintain academic standards that are generally accepted in the educational field; To infuse into the whole educational process, including instruction and all extra-curricular activities the truth in this period of the gospel of Jesus Christ; To provide instruction and training in religion through the teaching of the Bible, the history and principles of Christianity, and application of Christian principles to personal and social life; To cooperate with other agencies of the church in training for service in the church and community; To initiate and foster agencies that will contribute to the development of the spirit and atmosphere in the institution conducive to the highest type of Christian character and Christian living; To cultivate among its students' interest in a local church and to encourage and train them for such a work.


  • Orangeburg

    Broughton Street,541, 29115, Orangeburg