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Shibaura Institute of Technology

Shibaura Institute of Technology

Shibaura Institute of Technology


The origin of the present Shibaura Institute of Technology was the Tokyo Higher School of Industry and Commerce established by Dr. Shiro Arimoto in 1927 at Omori, Tokyo (later relocated to Nishi-Shibaura, Shiba-ku). Later in 1949, the Shibaura Institute of Technology was established as part of the educational reform. The SIT went through many changes in establishing schools, changes that carved its long history. Currently, we have the University (3 colleges and 1 school with 16 departments), the Graduate School of Engineering and Science (Master’s program and Doctor’s program) as well as the affiliate Junior and Senior High Schools in Tokyo and Chiba, with a combined total of over 10,000 students studying at these institutions.

Dr. Arimoto’s philosophy for the foundation of the school was “the development of engineers with practical skills and knowledge who are dedicated to engineering to be the country’s driving force based on manufacturing and technologies” and “the nurturing of exceptionally talented individuals with high ethical values and principles, who are independent as well as simple and diligent”.


  • Minato City

    3-9-14 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-8548, Minato City

    • Koto City

      3-7-5 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-8548, Koto City

      • Saitama

        307 Fukasaku, Minuma-ku, Saitama City, Saitama, 337-8570, Saitama