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Photography Studies College

Photography Studies College

Photography Studies College


Welcome to Photography Studies College (PSC), a tertiary educational institution focused on providing a high-quality teaching and learning experience.

We offer our students a learning experience that emphasises intellectual inquiry and reflection on practice. A learning environment in which students can explore and develop their capacity to be citizens, visual communicators and photographers.

Our focus on creativity and innovation is integral to all we do. We encourage our students to engage with the meaning, politics and philosophies of visual representation. We want them to be independent thinkers.

We expect commitment from our students but, in turn, PSC will ensure that the learning is engaging, enjoyable and challenging. We believe in the importance of involving the whole person in the learning process.

As an educational institution, we model professional photographic practice and continually seek opportunities to integrate learning with work and engagement with the community.


  • South Melbourne

    Thistlethwaite Street,37-47, 3205, South Melbourne