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Petra Christian University

Petra Christian University

Petra Christian University


In accordance with the Preamble of the UK Petra Statute, based on the Bible which is the Word of God, with full awareness of the duties and responsibilities as a Christian Indonesian citizen who lives up to Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution, UK Petra is obliged to take part in the framework of educating the nation's life.

The university functions as a higher education institution that realizes the calling of the Christian Faith, namely fellowship (koinonia), preaching of the gospel (marturia), and service (diaconia).

The university management paradigm is based on Christian Faith Perspective (Christian World View) and Christian Education Philosophy.

Education is organized and developed by the university within the framework of faith and learning integration.

The leadership pattern applied is Christian leadership and Servant Leadership.


  • Surabaya

    Surabaya, Indonesia