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Ouachita Baptist University B.S. ENGINEERING PHYSICS
Ouachita Baptist University


Arkadelphia, USA

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Our engineering physics degree is specifically designed to rigorously prepare students for a technical career in industry, perhaps as engineers, analysts, or consultants. We prepare students by developing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills in the classroom and through on or off-campus research opportunities. We strive for excellence in and out of the classroom so that our majors can achieve any of their long-term career dreams.

“Engineering” literally means “making things happen.” In a very basic sense, engineering is the practical application of science and mathematics to solve problems. Traditionally, engineering is about infrastructure. Engineers were known to create bridges and vehicles that got us from one location to another more efficiently.

In today’s world, engineering is acknowledged as a discipline that also creates technology and products that help make our lives easier. Almost every aspect of our lives has somehow been influenced by engineers – the products created in factories, the buildings we live in; the water we drink; the computers we surf the net on; medical services and technologies we rely on; the appliances and vehicles. There is no limit to what engineers can do.

According to the American Physical Society, 60% of physics majors graduate and gain employment in some engineering position. Physics students often make better engineers because they are more mathematically trained and have a broader critical thinking and problem-solving skill set to meet the challenges of an ever-changing technology landscape.

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