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Osaka University Of Commerce Bachelor in commercial science
Osaka University Of Commerce

Bachelor in commercial science

Higashiosaka, Japan

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Apr 2024

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In "Distribution", we aim at nurturing individuals who are well-versed in wholesale, retail, physical distribution, finance, and information, and who can reassess business relationships between companies while responding to environmental changes like globalization and computerization, in addition to being able to build new business relationships. In "Marketing", the goal is to foster individuals who can grasp the needs of the marketplace, develop new businesses, and plan and implement the development of new products and new services, etc.

In the Department of Commercial Science, students learn the "distribution" of goods and services up to the point they reach consumers from the producer, about "marketing", where consumer needs are predicted and new markets then created, and more. They also study matters concerning everything related to "commerce", from the flow of goods and money and the ways of looking at product development to the methods of analyzing market trends. The convenience stores and restaurants that we all use regularly, the goods that are produced one right after another... our very surroundings are filled with many things connected to commercial science. Students learn the foundations of commercial science, starting from familiar items, and acquire extensive knowledge in connection with commercial transactions, such as administrative accounting, management information, and law.

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