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Olds College of Agriculture & Technology

Olds College of Agriculture & Technology


Since its beginning as an agricultural and home economics school, Olds College has expanded its program offerings and has grown to offer more career-focused programs over the years. Cooking and sewing classes evolved into our renowned Fashion program, machinery classes have grown to become Agricultural and Heavy Duty Mechanics programs and farming skills as evolved into our Agriculture Management and Horticulture programs.

You have what it takes and Olds College can help you get there.

You have the potential, both as a student and as a successful graduate, to flourish in a career that will challenge and excite you. Through our programming, applied research, and industry partnerships, you will thrive in our innovative and technologically advanced learning environment centered around the collaboration between students and the agriculture and technology industries.

Mission Statement

Alberta's agriculture community has the talent, knowledge, and thought leadership to lead globally. This result will be produced in a manner that demonstrates stewardship and sustainability.

Quick Facts

  • 3800 Total Learners
  • 53/47 Male / Female Ratio
  • 82% of students are from Alberta
  • 2000 Acre Farm Smart Farm
  • 15% Full Load Equivalent increase in 2018/2019 from 2017/2018
  • 180 Dual Credit Learners 2018/2019
  • The average Class Size is 25
  • 75% of Students are under the age of 25
  • 96% of Students would recommend Olds College to a friend

Why Olds College?

Through our applied research and integrated learning, we are proud to be Canada’s Smart Agriculture College, specializing in agriculture, horticulture, land, and environmental stewardship. We work closely with the industry to advance and adapt our programming to ensure our graduates have the skills to succeed.

  • Beautiful Campus
  • Integrated Learning
  • Applied Research
  • On-Campus Housing

Student Pathways

Attending Olds College provides you with a variety of opportunities and pathways that you can take along your educational journey.

Whether you start in one of our 1-year Certificate programs or our 2-year Diploma programs or begin in a Pre-Employment or Apprenticeship program, there are a variety of ways you can enhance your education once you have completed your credential. As a Diploma graduate, you could take one of our Post-Diploma Certificate programs or head into a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree program. Many of our programs also have transfer opportunities to other post-secondary institutions.

Research & Innovation

Olds College Centre for Innovation (OCCI)

Since 1999, Olds College has played a leadership role in applied research activity aimed at advancing innovation-based rural economic development in Alberta. The mandate of Olds College Centre for Innovation is to enhance innovation in the agriculture, horticulture, land, and environmental management sectors through market-focused applied research and developing enabling processes and new products.

  • Ranked Top 50 in Canada's Top Research Colleges
  • $28 Million Applied Research Funding

Talked to 175+ clients, partners & organizations resulting in 95+ projects.

Campus Features

Our main campus is located in Olds, Alberta, a scenic small town surrounded by wide-open prairies with beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains to the west. Calgary is less than an hour to the south and Red Deer is just 40 minutes north. A short drive 45 minutes west of Olds will put you in the heart of the rolling foothills and the Rocky Mountains.

Smart Farm

The Olds College Smart Farm incorporates the latest technologies aimed at improving productivity, while efficiently and sustainably using resources, the Smart Farm has evolved and expanded quickly into cutting-edge learning, applied research, and demonstration environment for students, lifelong learners, and industry partners.

Olds CollegeBotanic Gardens & Constructed Wetlands

Not just a walk down the garden path, the gardens are designed to meet the instructional needs of courses and programs on campus and are used as the location and subject matter for research projects and community learning opportunities. The Botanic Gardens is 25 acres of aesthetically beautiful, diverse, and well-maintained garden and constructed wetlands.

Werklund Agriculture and Technology Centre

The Werklund Agriculture and Technology Centre features 3,000 s.m. of technology-focused learning space, including a lecture theatre, three large hands-on ag-tech labs, collaboration and group areas for students, as well as a student commons space located in the heart of the building.

Animal Health Education Centre

The new Animal Health Education Centre is currently being expanded from the Lachlin McKinnon Building, which houses the Animal Science and Animal Health programs. This new building will also host the National Meat Training Centre.

Duncan Marshall Place

Duncan Marshall Place is named after the agricultural minister of the 1930s and is one of our most historic buildings. Duncan Marshall established demonstration farms and bought properties throughout the province, one of which was Olds College.

Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre building houses a number of student resources including the Office of the Registrar, Student Support Services, Learning Commons, Hive, Campus Store, Print Services, and more.

Land Sciences Centre

The Land Sciences Centre is connected to the Greenhouses and Landscape Pavilion and features classrooms typically used by Horticulture and Land and Environment classes, as well as offices for faculty in those programs.

Metals Building

The Metals building houses welding apprenticeship training, full-time program studies, and continuing education outreach programming, and is used as a Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) testing and certification center serving employers and employees in the industry.

W.J. Elliott Agricultural Mechanics Building

In 1913, farm machinery mechanic courses were being taught at Olds College. Fifty-five years later the Agricultural Mechanics Program officially launched in an old airplane hangar, which was refitted as a lab and classroom. Shortly after, this was named the W.J. Elliott building, after the College’s first Principal.

Equine Barns / Riding Arenas

Olds College is home to two professional riding arenas that are used by our Equine classes and the Olds College Rodeo Team. The production barn is where all the reproductive courses such as hand breeding and artificial insemination take place.

Landscape Pavilion

In 1997, Olds College opened the Landscape Construction Pavilion with support from the Bank of Montreal, the Landscape Alberta Nursery Trades Association, and members of the horticulture industry. The Pavilion was constructed in response to industry requests for Olds College to provide students with greater opportunities to develop hands-on horticultural skills.

Community Learning Campus

The Community Learning Campus (CLC) is a joint venture between Olds College and Chinook’s Edge School Division. Located on the Olds College Campus, the Community Learning Campus consists of three shared multi-use facilities, the Bell e-Learning Centre, Ralph Klein Centre, and the Fine Arts Theatre.


    Ready to Apply?

    Once you have decided Olds College is for you, it is important to understand the steps of the application process. We strongly recommend applying a minimum of 4-6 months in advance of the program start date - this allows for application (3-6 weeks) and Study Permit processing. It is important to pay close attention to the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada website for Study Permit Processing times.

    1. Submit an application through Apply Alberta online and pay the non-refundable application fee of $160 (CAD)
    2. Submit all supporting documentation to us for a preliminary admission assessment - please include your Alberta Student Number (ASN) created at the time of application. Original transcripts will be required before a final admission decision and documentation will be issued.
      • Please be aware that not submitting all supporting documentation in a timely manner will significantly delay Olds College processing times
      • Please refer to the International Document Requirements for information on how to submit your original documents.
    3. International applicants must meet the specific admission requirements for their desired program.
    4. Allow 3-6 weeks for application processing of a complete application. Your Admissions Officer will be in contact with you via e-mail. Incomplete applications will take longer to process.
    5. Upon receipt of admission documentation, apply and obtain your temporary visa and study permit. Contact the Canadian embassy or consulate in your home country for details.
    6. Reserve your seat in the program by paying the $1,500 (CAD) tuition deposit through Flywire by the deadline indicated in your Admission Letter.
    7. Send proof of application for your Temporary Visa/ Electronic Travel Authorization & Study Permit to your Admission Officer by the deadline indicated in your Admission Letter.

    Supporting Documentation

    • Submit High School and Post-Secondary Transcripts
    • Submit English Language Proficiency
    • If your documents are not in the English language, you must provide a certified English literal translation (word-for-word) with the documents at the time of submission. (Olds College recommends students use Scholaro Transcript Translation)
    • Please refer to our International Document Requirements to learn which documentation to submit. If your country isn’t listed, contact us to determine what specific documents are required to be submitted.

    Please note: Certified official documents issued by the high school, college or university sent in a sealed envelope bearing the institution’s seal, stamp, or signature are required.

    International Documentation Assessment

    Before you can receive an offer of admission, your original transcripts/diplomas/examination certificate must be submitted to Olds College for evaluation. All applicants to Olds College are assessed based on the completion of education at the senior secondary/high school level. Applicants who have completed education in another country must have graduated with appropriate high school documents and credentials.

    *Transcript assessment will be completed by the Olds College Admission Office*

    • Once you have applied, a preliminary admission assessment will be completed and for the purposes of this assessment international documents can be scanned and sent by e-mail to [email protected]. Documents should be combined into one single PDF document. If scanned copies are difficult to read because of poor copy quality, they will not be accepted.
    • Once a preliminary admission assessment has been completed, the Admission Officer will request that official transcripts be sent to Olds College by the issuing institution or organization, in a sealed envelope.
    • If your documents are not in the English language, you must provide a certified English literal translation (word-for-word) with the documents at the time of submission.
    • Applicants may be required to submit verification documentation to support their application (e.g. WAEC scratch card/e-pin, Admit Card, etc.)
    • Once official documents have been received and presuming that there is still space in the desired program, an Offer of Admission will be made.
    • Delays in receiving official documents may result in the applicant being placed on a waiting list if the program reaches capacity before official documentation is received. It is important that international applicants send official documents to Olds College when an application is submitted.

    Recognition of Prior Learning

    Once you are admitted into an Olds College program, you can request that an assessment be done on any of your previous post-secondary education to see if you might be eligible for transfer credit towards your new program. In order to complete a transfer credit assessment, you will be required to submit:

    • A notarized color copy of your post-secondary transcripts, where a signature and/or official stamp is visible
    • Copies of all relevant course outlines or descriptions for the courses you want to be assessed for transfer credit

    Please Note: All transcripts, course outlines, and other supporting documentation must be in English. If your documentation is in another language, you must provide a certified English literal translation (word-for-word) along with a notarized color copy of the original documents.

    Visa Requirements

    Study Permits / Temporary Visa

    All International students in a program longer than six months (including Open Studies) must submit a copy of their Letter of Introduction and their visa or eTA one month before their program starts. Once the student enters Canada, they will be provided their study (and co-op work, if required) permit and a copy must be provided to Olds College. Students that do not provide copies of this documentation within the time frame specified may be removed from the program. Any student denied their temporary visa/study permit by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada is required to submit a copy of their official denial letter in order to receive a partial refund of their $1,500 CAD tuition deposit. International students must maintain valid immigration documents to live and study in Canada. It is solely the student’s responsibility, and not that of Olds College staff to:

    • Ensure your immigration and legal documents are current and maintained, this includes paying attention to processing times for study permit renewals.
    • Ensure that any documentation submitted for immigration purposes meets requirements and is accurate and complete.
    • Understand and be compliant with immigration requirements as they pertain to you. This information is subject to change, therefore, please refer to the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada website.

    *Olds College can not advise you, or act on your behalf, on immigration matters.

    *Information pertaining to immigration laws, regulations and rules can be found on the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Website.

    Scholarships and Funding


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