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Nippon Bunri University

Nippon Bunri University

Nippon Bunri University


The four years you spend at Nippon Bunri University (NBU) will provide the foundation for your future life, fostering an enhanced insight and level of judgment that will enable you to move forward in your subsequent life with vigor. Furthermore, NBU aims to nurture in students a desire to apply their abilities to contribute to society and its people.

At the time of its foundation in 1967, NBU set the goal of furthering the connection between industry and academia as its founding principle, and this remains the central pillar of the University's philosophy today. This is encapsulated in the “ningen ryoku” education concept, which aims not only to enhance the individual abilities of each student but to create an environment in which students develop the power to enrich and shape their society.


  • Oita

    1727 Ichigi, 870-0397, Oita