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NBS Northern Business School Bachelor of Business Administration
NBS Northern Business School

Bachelor of Business Administration

Hamburg, Germany

7 Semesters


Full time

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EUR 455 / per month *


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The full-time degree in business administration is an accredited, state-recognized course offered by the NBS Northern Business School University of Management and Security.

This course of study is offered at the NBS in two time models, namely full-time during the day for high school graduates and technical high school graduates and on Friday evenings and Saturdays for employed persons and trainees.

The special advantage: You can change the time model during your studies. For example, during a longer internship you are welcome to take part in courses in the extra-occupational time model and thus advance your studies quickly.

The career options

Graduates of business administration courses have a comprehensive insight into the company and accompany planning, management and control, they lead employees and make decisions on personnel issues. Technical and social skills, organizational skills and the ability to work independently are essential. You must know the interdependencies between the various departments and be able to correctly classify the resulting problems and make the necessary strategic decisions.

Thanks to their broad basic knowledge, business economists can quickly familiarize themselves with organizational and work processes. They are therefore often active in an interdisciplinary manner. Your areas of responsibility can therefore lie in a wide variety of commercial and service companies, regardless of the industry. Depending on the requirements of the companies employing them, the trained business economists can either cover a wide range of topics or be deployed in highly specialized parts of the company. By choosing two fields of competence, the students have the opportunity to position themselves accordingly.

NBS always focuses onthe employability of graduates . This is promoted, for example, by the integrated free seminar program. Are you considering an academic career? Use our scientific publication series for your first publication!

The study content

The degree in business administration prepares you for the requirements of entrepreneurial management in a practical way and provides you with solid training in the methodology of scientific work. You will be qualified to work successfully in international companies or organizations and in culturally different professional and work fields by integrating international issues in all suitable courses.

The course can be divided into two phases: in the first three semesters there are only basic modules. The focus is on imparting the basic knowledge required for further study in the areas of methodology, business administration, economics, mathematics and law. In the later semesters, you will continue to expand your business management know-how in parallel with your degree specializations.

The faster networking of the study content is promoted above all by the fact that not every module is examined in the form of an exam: At least one module per semester is completed with a term paper and/or presentation. Above all, this should promote your methodological competence in the field of scientific work and enable you to obtain the necessary information even for complex questions and to evaluate it critically.

In the 6th semester you will complete a practical semester. In this internship, you will work on a scientific problem in a company environment and thus practice the application of the technical and methodological skills you have acquired in the real world of work.

study plan

  1. semester
  • Basics of Business Administration
  • Marketing Basics
  • external accounting
  • commercial law
  • Mathematics I
  • Scientific work

2 semesters

  • Fundamentals of corporate management
  • Basics Human Resources
  • financing
  • Internal Accounting
  • Economics I
  • mathematics II

3rd semester

  • Basics of logistics
  • Tax Basics
  • Controlling basics
  • Economics II
  • business Informatics
  • statistics

4th semester

  • investment
  • SAP basics
  • Rhetoric & presentation technique
  • economy and politics
  • Field of Competence I - Module alt="1
  • Field of Competence II - Module alt="1

5th semester

  • project management
  • balance sheet analysis
  • Economics III
  • Operations Research
  • Competence Field I - Module 2
  • Field of Competence II - Module 2

6th semester

  • practical semester

7th semester

  • business simulation
  • Competence Field I - Module 3
  • Field of Competence II - Module 3
  • bachelor thesis
  • colloquium

start of studies

  1. March and alt="1. September of each year


Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Admission Requirements

  • General higher education entrance qualification or technical college entrance qualification
  • OR holders of a university degree that was acquired at a German university after a course of study with a standard period of study of at least six semesters, as well as persons who have passed the preliminary examination at a German university of applied sciences with results that are well above average
  • OR people who have successfully completed a state-certified advanced training course such as master craftsman; Engineer; Business economist or specialist have participated
  • OR holders of certificates of competency according to the Ship Officer Training Ordinance
  • OR holders of qualifications from technical schools in accordance with the legal ordinances according to §24 paragraph 2 of the Hamburg Schools Act
  • OR people who have completed vocational training and who can then prove that they have worked for at least three years and who can prove their ability to study for this course in an entrance examination

Standard period of study 7 semesters (42 months); Shortening possible with previous studies, vocational training or state-recognized advanced training.

Lecture periods and semester breaks

The winter semester extends from 0alt="1.09. to 3alt="1.0alt="1., the summer semester lasts from 0alt="1.03. up to 3alt="1.07. There are no courses or exams in February and August and from Christmas Eve to New Year's Day.

Lecture times and locations

The lectures take place on workdays during the day in the NBS study center in Quarree and in the NBS study center in Holstenhofweg.

tuition fee

The tuition fees are due in 42 installments of 455 euros per month. In addition, a one-time examination fee of 300 euros is charged for the completion of the bachelor thesis (total price: alt="19.4alt="10 Euro). A semester ticket is already included in the tuition fees.

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