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Men of Morehouse strive to be tall enough to wear our crown of high expectations and the title of Morehouse Man. A Morehouse Man is an academic, intellectual, and professional success. Inspired by strong, intelligent, critical, and supportive brothers and teachers, a Morehouse Man endeavors to do the same.

Morehouse brothers become and remain the Morehouse Man's most influential guides and closest friends. From day one, their brothers inspire them, challenge them, hold them accountable, and stand by them. The Morehouse brotherhood extends across generations, throughout the nation, and into every industry and area of life.

In this close-knit culture, professors do more than teach—they mentor, nurture, and encourage. They offer wise guidance and experienced perspectives, challenging the Morehouse Man to question their assumptions and elevate their ambitions. Morehouse doesn't push a Morehouse Man in the right direction—we show you how to discover this for yourself, how to find your true path. And own it.

Morehouse Men strive for more than typical successes. They seek to continuously improve themselves and their communities. And while a degree opens doors, our mission is to ensure that when a Morehouse Man walks through them, they enter as a man of strong mind and character. A man who knows all he's capable of. A man who knows himself. A leader. A man in full.


  • Atlanta

    Westview Drive Southwest,830, 30314, Atlanta