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Moravian University B.A. In Philosophy
Moravian University

B.A. In Philosophy

Bethlehem, USA

4 Years


Full time

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USD 50,500 / per year *


* 2022-23 full-time comprehensive fee per year


The Department of Philosophy provides students, through a wide variety of courses and programs, with opportunities to explore questions of fundamental significance to human life and to develop skills in critical thinking, reasoning, writing and reading. Students will explore issues such as what is justice? How should we live? What is valuable? Can God exist given the existence of evil in the world? What is the relationship between faith and reason? What is reality? What can we know? How do we know that we know? What meaning is there to life? What is race? What is ethnicity? What acts are right and wrong? What is truth?

Through training students to think, discuss, and write cogently on matters of fundamental significance, the department provides students with an intellectual foundation from which to examine their own beliefs, academic interests, and personal concerns. The philosophy program enriches students' academic experience by providing a variety of intellectually challenging extracurricular activities such as undergraduate research; honors program; participation in the prestigious philosophy honor society, Phi Sigma Tau; philosophy club; intercollegiate debate team (Ethics Bowl); writing work shops; and departmental Lecture Series.


The Moravian Philosophy Department sets out to awaken and nurture in students a curiosity for ultimate questions and a desire for an objective investigation into reality through critical, reflective, and imaginative processes. We strive to produce students with clear thinking abilities; good argumentative skills; tolerance of different beliefs, perspectives, and views, without thinking they need to be equally true; and sensitive to societal values, such as justice, tolerance, and rights - essential for a vibrant and flourishing democratic society.


  • To introduce students to some of the major philosophers and philosophies of the Western and non-Western philosophical tradition.
  • To cultivate students’ reasoning skills so that they can critically assess evidence, evaluate deductive and inductive arguments, and construct good evidentially based arguments.
  • To teach students how to write and express their ideas and arguments clearly and persuasively.
  • To teach students how to complete scholarly writings in philosophy.
  • To teach students to view issues from multifarious perspectives.

Why Moravian?

It's all about the experience! The opportunities here are life-changing. Here’s a preview of what you’ll experience as a Moravian University student:

  • A tech-friendly campus: Every student receives a MacBook Pro and an iPad as soon as they deposit
  • Personalized learning: We have an 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio and an average class size of 17 students
  • Classic college town: Moravian is located in historic downtown Bethlehem, PA
  • Lifetime support: Say hello to the Center for Career and Civic Engagement!
  • Global education: Choose from more than 20 study abroad programs
  • Opportunities beyond the classroom: Participate in research, civic engagement, scholarship programs, internships, and more.
  • A vast and active network: There are more than 20,000 Moravian alumni across the world, ready to help you get a job

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