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Miami University - Regionals Bachelor of Science in Commerce
Miami University - Regionals

Bachelor of Science in Commerce

4 Years


Full time

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USD 272 / per semester *

Distance Learning, On-Campus

* 2020-2021 total fees per credit hour: Ohio residents: $272.06; non-Ohio residents: $722.21. total fees per semester: Ohio residents: $3,264.64; non-Ohio residents: $8,666.44. E-Learning fee per credit hour: Ohio: $272.06; non-Ohio: $350


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If you have ever dreamed of managing a small business or starting one of your own, here’s the degree you’ve been waiting for — the all-new Bachelor of Science in Commerce (BSC), offered exclusively at Miami’s regional locations in Hamilton, Middletown, and West Chester.

The first BSC major, Small Business Management, lets you pursue an in-depth examination of small businesses built on a foundation of courses in traditional business areas such as accounting, management, and marketing.

The Bachelor of Science in Commerce degree is designed to accommodate students straight out of high school, adult learners or transfer students, associate degree holders in business or other majors, and military veterans.

Offered through Miami University’s Department of Business Technology, the BSC features Miami’s renowned liberal arts foundation backed by hands-on applied education. This degree has no affiliation with the Farmer School of Business in Oxford. BSC is available entirely and exclusively at Miami’s regional campuses.

As a regional campus student, you’ll benefit from one of the lowest regional tuition rates in Ohio, with the convenience, comfort, and accessibility of campuses close to home.

Flexible class scheduling and extensive student support will help you earn the credibility and competitive advantage that’s expected with a Miami University bachelor’s degree.

All bachelor’s degree students at Miami University must complete the Miami Plan for Liberal Education (general education). The B.S. in Commerce is comprised of: 1. The Miami Plan, 2. a set of required courses (core and major), and 3. free electives. Students must complete a minimum of 128 hours to earn the degree. In addition to the general education requirements (the Miami Plan for Liberal Education), and free electives, students in the small business management major will complete 34 hours of core courses and 18 hours of major courses. The courses required to reach the 128-hour minimum are electives of the student’s choice.

Online Course Options

Do you have a busy schedule? Most of our courses are offered online. Contact Kelley Harris or your advisor to learn more about taking CMR courses online, or consult the E-Learning department to learn more about the online course experience at Miami.

Core Program Requirements

  • CMR 101 Introduction to Accounting (3)
  • CMR 105 Introduction to Marketing (3)
  • CMR 108 Introduction to Business Law (3)
  • CMR 111 Introduction to Management (3)
  • CMR 207 Management Planning and Control (3)
  • CMR 211 Economics for Commerce (3)
  • CMR 244 Introduction to Global Business (3)
  • CMR 282 Computer-Based Business Analysis (3)
  • CMR 302 Financial Info. for Managers (3)
  • CMR 495 Capstone in Organizational Strategy for Commerce (3)
  • STA 261 Statistics (4)

Small Business Management Major (18 Hours)

  • CMR 242 Management of Small Business Operations (3)
  • CMR 263 Sales and Promotions (3)
  • CMR 301 Personal Organizational Skills (3)
  • CMR 361 Marketing for the Small Business (3)
  • CMR 401 Leadership Decision Skills (3)
  • CMR 442 Current Issues & Innovation in Small Business (3)

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Commerce are encouraged to obtain their CMR associate degree during their course of studies for the Commerce degree. For most students, this can be done within the Commerce degree electives. Consult your CMR advisor for more details.

CMR courses do not satisfy any Farmer School of Business Bachelor degree course requirements and a maximum of 12 credit hours of CMR may be applied.

Program and course content are subject to change. This listing was current at the time of its printing and is intended for general informational purposes only. It should not be relied on to represent your specific requirements. Generally, you are bound by program requirements that existed at the time you first started at Miami University unless you elect to meet newer requirements. The Degree Audit Report System (DAR) produces an individualized report, which indicates your progress in meeting your specific program requirements. You may obtain a copy from the Records Office or from BannerWeb.

Please be sure to consult an advisor in the Department of Commerce regularly, and before starting your program.

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