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Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University

Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University

Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University


Since its establishment, Kyrgyzstan Turkey Manas University has considered conducting qualified educational studies among the Turkic Republics among its primary duties. Our university aims to help Turkish youth, equipped with a modern and contemporary education system with a shared understanding, to raise conscious, self-sufficient, responsible individuals. It is among the priorities of our university to introduce young people who contribute to world science, especially the Turkish World, and dream of a new civilization by protecting their cultural values ​​and bringing individuals to the forefront in reaching the universal. Language, science, history, literature, culture, art, especially among the Turkic Republics with our university, academic staff, and students,

Our goal is to be a modern, pioneering, entrepreneurial, innovative, open to change and development, leader, and the most preferred university in its geography. At the same time, contributing to the production economy based on the resources of Kyrgyzstan and focused on a trained workforce is among the crucial goals of Kyrgyzstan Turkey Manas University in the twenty-first century.


  • Bishkek

    Chuy Province, , Bishkek