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Korea University Sejong Campus

Korea University Sejong Campus

Korea University Sejong Campus


Korea University Sejong Campus is located in Sejong City, the new administrative center of the Republic of Korea. Our global residence system presents a new paradigm of undergraduate education. It has opened a new horizon for whole-person education.

Korea University has been leading the future of the people and the country by presenting new values necessary in our society at each inflection point in history. Established with the belief to save the country by education, it has become a ray of light that brightens people’s bleak future. Under the spirit of freedom, justice, and truth, it has also lead the cultivation of human resources that are leading democracy and industrialization of this land. Leading the society ahead of the time as the first private higher educational institution, Korea University now has become a global university standing shoulder to shoulder with prestigious schools around the world.


  • Yeongi-gun

    2511 Sejong-ro, 30019, Yeongi-gun