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Kasem Byndit University

Kasem Byndit University

Kasem Byndit University


Kasem Bundit University was founded after a series of educational establishment by a team of educational administrators with prior experiences in primary and secondary educational administration. In 1960, Kasem Phithaya School was established in 1960, offering classes from Prathom 1 to Matayom 6. Later on in 1968, Kasem Polytechnic College was founded, offering classes from Certificate in Vocational Education (Cert. Voc), Diploma in Vocational Education (Dip. Voc), and Diploma in Technology (Dip. Voc.), with various majors ranging from Business Administration, Accountancy, Management, Finance, Banking, Marketing, Secretarianship to Computer Science. With idealism and determination to take a further step in establishing tertiary education, they eventually founded “Kasem Bundit College” on February 24th, 1987.

In 1987, Kasem Bundit College offered Bachelor Degrees in Business Administration and in Laws with 97 students in the first year. With determination of university management to elevate education, they continuously offered more degrees in diverse field of education. In 1993, Ministry of Education in Thailand granted approval for “Kasem Bundit College” to be advance to “Kasem Bundit University”.

Currently, the University has a student body of more than 10,000 including over 500 graduate students and a high caliber full-time faculty supplemented by a large number of part-time instructors representing relevant business and industrial circles in addition to those from governmental sectors.

All programs offered at Kasem Bundit University are approved by Office of The Higher Education Commission in Thailand. Degrees conferred include bachelor degrees, master degree, and doctoral degree, both Thai programs (instructed in Thai) and International Program (instruct in English).


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