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At IPU New Zealand, we are renowned for our friendly, multicultural environment, and interdisciplinary approach to learning. New Zealand and international students alike learn to live and work flexibly in this radically changing world through their studies at IPU New Zealand.

Dedicated teachers and support staff go beyond the usual level of student care to ensure that every learner receives the best possible care and personalised attention, from when they begin their studies at IPU New Zealand, right through to finding their ideal job.

You get the unique experience of studying alongside both New Zealand and international students while realising your leadership potential. You gain a wide range of employable skills through the numerous clubs, committees, events, and other opportunities available.

Our International Network reaches globally and encourages you to experience other cultures, other business practices and gain truly universal skills and knowledge.

As one of the longest established private tertiary institutes in New Zealand, IPU New Zealand is experienced in providing unsurpassed education, support, and future planning.

International Pacific University, Japan

International Pacific University (IPU Japan), established in 2007 in Okayama city, Japan, is a sister university of IPU New Zealand. Although a newly established university, it is already known for its success in the education and sporting fields. IPU's Faculty of Sustainable Education for Future Generations is the first of its kind in Japan and is successfully training a growing number of certified pre-school, primary, and secondary school teachers. The Faculty of Physical Education boasts highly qualified academic staff including Olympic Gold medalists and former professional athletes.

20-week Exchange Programme with IPU in Okayama, Japan

Every year, students from IPU New Zealand and IPU Japan participate in the two-way exchange programme, which allows credit transfers between the two institutions. Exchange students can enjoy a variety of character-building experiences, by meeting and forming relationships with new people and immersing themselves in cultural activities.

Through the Exchange Programme with IPU Japan, IPU New Zealand Students can:

  1. Improve Japanese language and intercultural communication skills
  2. Bring experiences back to NZ as academic credits toward their IPU New Zealand degree
  3. Gain teaching experience if studying toward a teaching qualification
  4. Develop sporting abilities in leading-edge facilities


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