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Iowa State University - College of Engineering Engineering Sales Minor
Iowa State University - College of Engineering

Engineering Sales Minor

Ames, USA

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Sep 2024

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With approximately 15% of engineering job postings involving product sales, marketing or customer field support, a minor in engineering sales can be a critical step towards a great job offer. Besides being one of the best paid positions in engineering, technical sales offers substantial travel opportunities and the ability to solve customers’ engineering problems in the field working with people. Talk to your adviser to see how just a few additional courses could fit into your schedule and fast-track your job prospects.

To fill this need, the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering has developed a minor in sales engineering. The engineering sales minor is a 15 credit minor that complements the technical training in the student’s major discipline by providing the tools and knowledge required for technical (i.e. business-to-business) sales careers. The minor is available only to engineering students and is administered by a supervisory faculty committee. At least 9 of the 15 credits must not be used to meet any other department, college or university requirements.

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