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IFPASS, Training Institute for the Insurance Profession, is a major player in insurance training, with more than 6,000 learners welcomed each year. For more than 70 years, the Institute has contributed to the training of existing employees or new entrants through continuing professional training or initial training throughout the country.

It is also the managing body of one of the largest CFA (apprenticeship training center) in Ile de France: the CFA de l'Assurance.

IFPASS offers diploma courses from Bac + 2 to Bac + 5 levels, certificates, and a diverse range of qualifying training courses in line with insurance companies and their employees' needs.

Thus, the Institute was led to create an HR service provision unit focused on support activities for VAE (Validation of Acquired Experience), skills assessments, and recruitment.

With a teaching staff, 90% of insurance professionals, face-to-face and remote learning methods, the success rate is 84% ​​for all levels of training combined. Thanks to its training offer, IFPASS supports and secures employees' career paths while meeting the needs of forecast management of jobs and companies' skills.


  • Puteaux

    Rue de la République, 92800, Puteaux

    • Bordeaux

      Rue d'Ornano,202, 33000, Bordeaux

      • Lyon

        Avenue Tony Garnier,50, 69007, Lyon

        • Schiltigheim

          Avenue de l'Europe,30, 67300, Schiltigheim

          • Marseille

            Boulevard Vincent Delpuech,29, 13006, Marseille