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IDesigner School

IDesigner School

IDesigner School


January 2012.

At the most critical moment, IDesigner was born.

We were guided by a slogan:

create a quality online school, specialized in Arts and Digital Techniques.

Experienced in each area, we went for it all.

Because in recent years

Who has not considered recycling, jump into the void, learn other things, expand horizons?

Day to day, we live the enormous fortune of dealing with people who overflow illusion, passion, attitude.

Go figure, more than 900 students in 5 years, thanks to them and them, in continuous growth.

Remains intact our slogan, we have good times, learning moments, and always, always,

Our priority you've been, you are and you will be...


  • Barcelona

    Violant d´Hongria, 73-75, 08028, Barcelona