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Horizon College & Seminary

Horizon College & Seminary

Horizon College & Seminary


If it wasn’t evident before, our current reality certainly reveals the importance of competent leadership. Neither a traditional “Bible college” nor a discipleship school, Horizon is a unique, multi-denominational institution focused on preparing competent Christian leaders who are ready to serve God effectively in the 21st century.

Who We Are

Horizon is a unique Christian leadership college that offers a unique Christian leadership solution.

  • Did you know that 25% of all Canadians will be senior citizens by 2031?
  • Did you know that the average age of evangelical Christian leaders is 56?
  • Did you know that two-thirds of all lead pastors in Canada are also their church’s only professional leaders?

We are facing a shortage of Christian leaders and ministry doesn’t happen without leaders.


  • Saskatoon

    Webster Street,604, S7N 3P9, Saskatoon