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Global School for Entrepreneurship

Global School for Entrepreneurship

Global School for Entrepreneurship


With our Bachelor, the 90 days program, and the pre-master, we make it our business to make the start of your business a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Providing you with the program to develop the skills and gain the knowledge, we will help you to rise in life as an entrepreneur.

As a student at our school, you will benefit from our in-depth experience with startups. From the 25.000 startups we have already worked with, we learned that only a small portion of the University programs offered to them was truly relevant. So we developed a program that caters to first-time entrepreneurs and supports them in unleashing their full potential while building their business. Our students learn how to take control in unpredictable situations, handle discomfort, find their courage, and move forward. These are skills that require self-awareness and personal growth. Their usefulness goes far beyond the professional sphere; they will benefit you throughout your whole life.


  • Amsterdam

    Amsterdam, Netherlands