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Gakushuin University

Gakushuin University

Gakushuin University


Gakushuin University comprises the five faculties of Law, Economics, Letters, Science and International Social Sciences, and their graduate and professional schools. The excellence of Gakushuin University lies in the community of 10,000 students and staff all assembled on the one campus. Most of our sporting facilities are also located on our Mejiro campus. This does not simply mean convenience for our students. Within this single campus, with its diverse blend of social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences sharing the same space, you will find a rich environment in which students studying a variety of disciplines and teaching staff conducting research in many different fields spend their days together. Our teaching staff offer lecture courses that transcend the boundaries of their faculties. They also design and offer lecture courses that are a fusion of disparate academic disciplines. Students are welcome to attend courses offered in departments and faculties other than their own. There is surely a benefit in discussing unsettling social problems with students and lecturers who are working in academic fields different from one's own.


  • Toshima City

    1-5-1 Mejiro, 171-8588, Toshima City

    • Shinjuku City

      3-20-1 Toyama, 162-8650, Shinjuku City