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Fairmont State University B.S. in Healthcare Management
Fairmont State University

B.S. in Healthcare Management

Fairmont, USA

4 Years


Full time, Part time

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May 2024

USD 342 / per credit *


* resident students | metropolitan students: $518 per credit hour|non-resident students: $755 per credit hour


This is a comprehensive program, which is designed to provide health professionals with the education to become administrators in health care agencies.

The curriculum is directed toward developing the management, problem-solving, finance, and interpersonal skills that are necessary for careers in a variety of healthcare organizations. An additional intent of the program is to provide career advancement opportunities for those who are already employed in healthcare organizations.

Healthcare Management Concentrations

Health Information Technology

Medical documents contain confidential and protected patient information that necessitates maintaining patient privacy and complying with strict government regulations. Health Information Technology professionals ensure a healthcare facility’s technology systems are securely encrypted and up to regulatory standards to keep protected health information safe and secure.

Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare organizations must promote their services to a broad range of potential clients. Healthcare marketers harness the power of social media, survey data, and digital communication to strengthen an organization’s brand and develop new business.

Nonprofit Agency Managment

This concentration prepares you for leadership of a non-profit organization, like smaller healthcare, welfare, or social service agencies that typically operate as nonprofits in a community. Management and leadership of such organizations depend upon sound business strategy, grant support, and effective governance for sustainability.

Wellness Leadership

This concentration expands the quality and depth of healthcare management training with a focus on working with groups, and role of nutrition and fitness in special populations.

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