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Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies

Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies

Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies


Welcome to the Emirates Institute of Banking and Financial Studies

Established in 1983, the Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies (EIBFS) offers world-class education programmes, training sessions and allied services in the area of banking and finance at its three states of the art campuses strategically located in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Committed to the Emiratisation initiative, EIBFS supports UAE nationals by providing top-notch training facilities and encouraging career growth in the banking and financial services sector.

EIBFS has been globally integrated with various leading institutes and universities of the world to bring and offer the best programmes and courses in banking and finance to the UAE.

EIBFS has made significant contributions to the life and careers of thousands of students and working professionals in the domain area of banking and finance supported by its highly qualified, skilled and experienced academicians and corporate trainers.

EIBFS has witnessed significant growth over the years, particularly in the number of students and trainees, academic and training programmes, campuses sites, faculty and staff members, alumni and various other dimensions.

Every year, the institute welcomes thousands of students and trainees from across the UAE to educate, train and offer a wide range of banking and financial learning opportunities supported by best in class research, expertise, programmes and facilities.


  • Dubai

    EIBFS Dubai Campus Dubai International Academic City Al Ruwayyah 2 Opposite Zayed University, 341400, Dubai

    • Abu Dhabi

      EIBFS Abu Dhabi Campus Al Moroor Street Next to the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research , 7108, Abu Dhabi

      • Sharjah

        EIBFS Sharjah Campus Opposite Sharjah Immigration & UAE Central Bank , 4166, Sharjah