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EARTH University


EARTH University offers a four-year undergraduate degree in Agricultural Sciences. Our prestigious international faculty focuses on providing an education with a solid scientific and technical foundation, which emphasizes ethical values, entrepreneurship, and environmental and social commitment.

We are a multicultural University, with students and faculty from more than 50 countries around the world.

Student life

EARTH is a life experience that will allow you to develop as a global citizen. You will share with students from more than 40 countries in an inclusive environment and you will live an integral experience that will help you to reinforce your ethical values, work in a team, be perseverant, and listen to different perspectives.

At EARTH you are unique and will not see discrimination based on age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, gender or nationality. You will be part of a family and an integral and empathetic community.

Medical assistance

EARTH has an on-campus clinic with a 24-hour presence of doctors and nurses, with 2 ambulance units. The medical insurance covered within the tuition is Pan-American Life Insurance of Costa Rica, S.A.


  • International students:


  • 0
  • Student to faculty ratio:

    10 to 1

Campus Features

An amazing campus

In 8650 acres at our main campus, you will find a gym, pool, weight room, soccer field, baseball, volleyball, tennis, basketball, game room and TV room, three forest reserves, 90 acres of commercial banana farm, a botanical garden, ethnobotanical garden, farms, and recreation areas.

    Scholarships and Funding

    Full scholarship

    This type of aid is usually granted by a sponsor and administered by the University. It is awarded only to students who would otherwise be unable to attend a higher education institution and who have successfully approved the admissions process with high scores.

    Over 1,000 applications are received each year for a full scholarship, of which on average only 50 are awarded.

    Partial scholarships

    For this type of aid, the University covers a percentage of the costs and the student's family covers the difference.

    This percentage of aid is determined after an evaluation in consultation with a financial aid committee.


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